Month: October 2021

client horror stories

We’ve all been burned by clients who have been impossible to work with or projects that are out of scope. We hope that by sharing these stories, we can warn you about some of the common problems you might experience if you are a designer and be wary so you can avoid them yourself!

client horror stories

We have made some *easy-to-share* Halloween pun cards. Right-click-save them into your folders and attach them to your e-newsletters for Halloween or share them on social media on Hallows’ Eve.

people buy from people illustration design

Adding personality to a brand will make it appealing to the target market and it can make planning for a campaign or creating designs for various platforms, a lot easier. Check out this article for tips and design samples.

Halloween Witch Design Sample

To get in on the spooky spirit, boost your website’s presence by making a few changes to your design. Sprucing up your web page layout is a beautiful way to get into the holiday mood. Here are some Halloween website design samples.

deer mascot design samples

A well-created mascot can represent your brand in dozens of ways. They can educate your customers, introduce a new service or product, present announcements, and roast your competition. Check our mascot design samples here.

blog featured image sample design

Work closely and consistently with your designer. Build a relationship with them. With a constant feedback loop, you will learn each other’s language and preferences and, with time, the design creation will feel seamless and enjoyable.

Happy Halloween 2021 Design Sample

Are you searching for a fun approach to attract your social media followers and pique their interest in what your company has to offer? Why not spice up your social media accounts with some enjoyable Halloween content?

creative juice flowing

In a sea of bland campaigns and clichés, add your daily to-dos and firefighting with clients, where can you find creative inspiration? We have a list here that can help.

social media templates

Instead of estimating which social media image sizes will actually work, this is a roadmap to assist you. Keep this accessible, and your brand’s social media photos will look fantastic in whatever channel.

family sharing food cartoon

Having the constant need is one sure way to get the most out of any subscription. We hope you will find this article on how to get the most out of your Deer Designer subscription useful. Check it out!

stand out from competition

Businesses, no matter the size, need attention. But now with so many similar products and services, it is easier said than done. Don’t you wish you can just do the chicken dance and reach your target sales? 
You need the kind of attention that leads to sales. Find out how in this article.

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