Month: November 2021

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No, you cannot do everything on your own. Your business needs you, do not burn yourself out. To avoid that, get yourself a reliable business partner. Doing so will be worth it. We tell you why in this article.

powerpoint design tips

PowerPoint and Keynote presentations are central to business success. But what should you do to avoid cramming all the information into a few slides? Here are tips to make it clear and concise.

award winning web design samples

Find out what in these award winning websites captured the attention and hearts of visitors. Be inspired to help you create your website’s design, colour scheme, images, and motions.

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With over 5 million fonts available, choosing the best font for your website is a challenge. We narrowed down the choices for you plus we added a few more tips for you to find the best font for your website.

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A website redesign can be frightening to do. If done properly, it can actually boost sales. Read this article to know why you need to redesign your website sooner than later.

Thanksgiving greetings design sample

Deer Designer is truly thankful for our clients. Pass the spirit of gratitude by sharing these Thanksgiving greeting cards we have designed for you, to your clients.

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An email newsletter’s purpose is to catch your subscribers’ interest to buy the product or service you are selling. Your e-newsletter is for them, not to simply boost your brand. Use emails to provide value and establish relationships with your clients.

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Keep calm and subscribe to Deer Designer. From experience, you know that your project will now be delayed as it’s impossible to find design help within your timeframe… That’s where on-demand design services like Deer Designer come in handy.

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Redesigning your logo is not a process to be undertaken lightly, nor should it be launched on an impulse. Instead, you should consider why a revamp or refresh is necessary in the first place. This article can help.

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This article will help you decide whether or not on-demand design services are the right one for you. We have laid out the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

web design sample

Running a web design company is not easy. If you nodded to that, I wrote this article for you. This will lay out for you what you can offer and how you can increase your recurring revenue by delivering extra design services to your clients.

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The perfect landing page will vary for each company, and yours will be determined by your primary audience. Learn what your clients want to see, explore different alternatives, and try the rest of the suggestions in this article to get more prospects in no time.

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