Month: February 2022

outsourcing remote designers cartoon

Outsourcing is essential but it’s not a magic pill. Let me discuss how to deal with some outsourcing issues to make sure that everything runs smoothly in your business.

baby in bag cartoon

A lead magnet, comes in the form of giveaway content or services, and other downloadable items that potential clients are likely to sign up for. Check out how to get more people to download your lead magnet.

happy confident online meeting presentation cartoon

How do you capture and keep the attention of your online audience with a PowerPoint design that’s fit for online meetings? Here are some tips.

12 brand archetypes for branding cartoon representation

A brand archetype is a universally familiar character or situation that transcends time, place, culture, gender, and age. To be more human or familiar to customers, an archetype is assigned to a brand. What’s your brand archetype?

client founder burn out cartoon

Unlike employees who can simply file a resignation, founders can’t simply throw in the towel. If they do, they’re not only giving up on a business, they’re giving up on a lifelong dream. Here are some tips how to recover from burnout.

data tsunami data overload cartoon

Many businesses already use infographics to present their company’s accomplishments or research. But before jumping on the bandwagon, let’s first understand what infographics are and why it matters.

customer journey illustration cartoon sample

The marketing strategy that worked last year might not work the next. in 2021 Are you going to overhaul the marketing plan you painstakingly created or simply tweak it? FInd out in this article.

branding marketing sales cartoon

Branding, marketing, and sales departments must always work harmoniously. If you’re going to hire a manager to handle all three, you need someone who has an excellent track record in reaching targets and who can fit in your company culture.

web design illustration cartoon

Web designers are challenged to make a website unique, yet familiar, at the same time. In this article, I will discuss homepage design layouts from the most common online industries: retail, financial services, and consultancy.

client horror stories

Tech companies are always balancing on a tightrope between nerd talk and dumbing down information for the masses. They’re cursed with processes and information that’s hard to communicate in layman’s terms.
The cure is to include illustrations in their communications.

social media,social media design,social media graphics,social media christmas designs,socmed designs

Discover how business-to-human (B2H) marketing can benefit your company by creating authentic and emotional connections with your customers. This article explores the key principles of B2H, including storytelling, empathy, and personalization, and provides real-world examples and actionable tips for implementing B2H strategies in your marketing efforts.

designer creating branding illustration

Coming up with a logo design for a business that sells physical products like clothes, shoes, and food can be easy but I couldn’t say the same for those offering services. This quick guide can help.

design team

A designer can be hired at a moment’s notice to provide the perfect design for your business, but how do you know if this is the right option for you? Let me help you avoid the guesswork through this nifty flowchart.

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