Month: March 2022

april fools april 1 cartoon

April 1 is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about some practical jokes you can play on your website and social media visitors. As always, make sure not to hurt anyone (or any brand) in the process.

radio announcer dj podcast cartoon

Audio content allows the listener to multitask, a podcast is a perfect medium to discuss and share your knowledge and services. Find out how to advertise your podcast in this article.

web designer illustration cartoon

The sure-fire way to make your website amazing is to hire an amazing web designer. But what makes an excellent web designer? I’ll share simple dos and don’ts when choosing a web design partner to help you build your website and your clients’.

design contract signature illustration cartoon

This article lists the things you need to check in a design contract before settling with a client. Read through so you can avoid mistakes and miscommunication that can spoil the vendor-client relationship.

alphabet soup cartoon illustration

Choosing the right font for a website is critical because it’s linked to the company’s image and branding. This article will guide you on how to choose the best one from a thousand options.

open treasure box cartoon

Visually captivating images are necessary for the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy. If this is something your company can truly commit to, go for it passionately and consistently.

b2b marketing handshake cartoon

With empathy-driven content, you can connect with B2B clients on an emotional level. Find out more in this article.

grocery aisle product logo cartoon

Get some fresh ideas for food and beverage company logos and restaurant logos in this article.

social media campaign cartoon

This article with help you choose which social media channel best fits your industry in 3 easy steps.

designers vs non-designers miscommunication

Designers have their own language and it’s fascinating how some terms are not quite the same for non-designers. Here are some design tools and terms they use to create design magic.

creating facebook ads cartoon

If you’re about to make your first Facebook Ad, I hope this article can guide you so you can avoid the mistakes I made as a newbie with paid ads.

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