Month: May 2022

self study studying cartoon

It’s fine if you decide to finally learn more about web design, but don’t let that interfere with what you really want in years to come. Find out in this article if pursuing a web design course and being a self-taught web designer is worth the time and effort.

Image SEO Search Engine Optimization

Tagging your images correctly on the back end for image SEO are small tweaks that your content manager can implement. They are simple, easy to execute, and can pay off in the long run.

top 10 web design layouts

Many people believe that a website’s appeal is only dependent on pretty pictures and fancy colours. The website layout is a crucial component that is often overlooked. Read more about website layout tips here.

types of graphic design illustration

Don’t limit your company’s potential because you feel you only need one type of graphic design. You should have as many designs as possible in the works to educate and entertain your loyal and potential customers, in order to stay visible on a regular basis.

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Design tools make the life of a hustling designer-entrepreneur easier. Instead of investing in these tools, consider going a step further and investing in designers’ skills via an on-demand design service.

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Hire a professional designer that knows the foundations of website design and can even suggest layouts for a better user experience based on your industry.

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Graphic designers will always be in demand, but their role in the workplace may change as technology advances. There will always be people who can use these tools, but finding someone who will think outside the box and provide you with something unique will be more difficult.

entrepreneur outsourcing virtual assistant cartoon illustration

There are a few risks to outsourcing that you should be aware of as a business owner. It is always advantageous to be aware of the negative aspects of the game. This article will discuss the drawbacks of graphic design outsourcing and how to turn them around.

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With the right design, even small businesses can appear to be big. You don’t have to fake your way to the top if you create high-quality designs. If you hire the right team, your brand will look like a million dollars without costing a million dollars.

seal of approval design expert

Credibility and authority in business are really hard to gain especially for starters. Nonetheless, the best tip is to have good design support your business goals, while continuing to work on building authority and credibility from one client to the next.

family twinning outfit illustration instagram

Avoid posting just “anything” on Instagram just to fill a gap. Make it intentional and professional. You are running a company here, or a personal brand. Just follow the simple steps I mentioned to level up your Instagram feed.

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