Month: February 2023

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As the design industry continues to change, teams will become more and more important to meet client needs and make great work. Know more about how our squads can help you with your design needs.

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The use of stories is not just a fad. It has been a proven strategy for pushing people to take action. If a book or a story inspires, the same strategy will work for people seeking to change their lives with your service or product.

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Through a series of questions on a discovery call, you get to know a lot about the design company culture aside from information available on the website. With it you will know if you’re a fit for each other.

Niche Market vs Mass Market pie chart

This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of targeting a niche market versus a mass market for web design agencies. Discover which approach may be the best fit for your agency’s goals and services.

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Learn about 6 outdated web design trends to avoid in 2023, including flash animations, automated music, complex navigation menus, overuse of stock photos, pop-ups, fixed background images, and textured backgrounds. Discover how to update your client’s outdated taste with patience and understanding to create a modern and stylish website.

Business owner letting go of balloons flying away

Learn how to be successful in business by letting go of these habits that hold you back. Trust your team, delegate tasks, and focus on the big picture to see your business thrive. Read more for tips on how to let go and grow.

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Unlock the secrets of successful subscription service owners and learn how they’ve built their businesses. Get insights and tips to help grow your own subscription-based company.

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Discover the 4 valid reasons to end a client relationship and learn how to handle it professionally. Read this article to ensure a smooth and respectful termination.

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Discover the latest logo facts, trends, and stats for 2023 in this comprehensive guide. Stay ahead of the game and learn what’s shaping the logo design industry. Read now!

client management,client tips,bad clients,client feedback

Learn how to effectively manage an irate and difficult client with easy and proven steps. Improve client satisfaction and protect your business reputation.

client owning a profitable web design business-1

Explore the profitability of starting a web design business, including market demand, competition, and potential revenue. Get insights and tips for success.

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Discover 10 creative and effective last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for web agencies. Drive traffic and boost sales with these unique strategies.

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