March 2023

Design unicorn myth

The only way to legitimately bust myths is to try them out yourself. I invite you to take the advantage of Deer Designer’s 14-day satisfaction guarantee so you can easily test and bust these 4 myths.

In house designer vs a design team tug of war

Some businesses may find that the benefits of having their own designers outweigh the costs, while others may find that subscription services give them the flexibility and cost-effectiveness they need. Know more about the difference in this article.

influencer marketing manager realtor

This article explores how three seemingly unrelated professions – influencers, marketing managers, and realtors – have more in common than you may think. It also looks at the unique skills and strategies each profession brings to the table, such as marketing managers’ expertise in campaigns and realtors’ experience in negotiations.

boss entrepreneur giving award trophy to employee designer

Even if you have limited funds, there are many creative and thoughtful ways to show your appreciation and acknowledge your employees’ hard work.

employee development team training remote

There are some challenges that come with remotely training designers, such as communication barriers and potential distractions. Read this article to get more tips on how to overcome these challenges.

designer standing in front of a shop small and medium business

If you’re a web development agency or full-service digital agency owner looking for web designers to take your business online to the next level, why don’t you work with us? Check out why in this article.

people climbing mountain with deer designer mascot

If you’re struggling with your design needs or looking for a reliable and affordable design service, Deer Designer is here to help. Our team of talented designers is committed to delivering exceptional designs that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

DD mascot sitting on top of the world globe

If you’re considering on-demand design services for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind.

designer and business brainstorming about logo design

Collaborating with designers can be a powerful tool for effective branding. Read more about how this skill can save you lots of time and effort in design.

flexibility and creativity flexible stylus tablet

You want a design that looks great and works even better. And with a creative and flexible design team by your side, you can be confident that you’ll get exactly that. Read more tips in this article.

the teminator hasta la vista designers

AI is taking the digital content world by storm. Is it about time to jump on the bandwagon and let AI do all the designing for you? Read more about it in this article.

on-demand design,on-demand design service,on-demand graphic designer

This article explores the latest trends and predictions in the world of on-demand design services. Whether you’re a designer, a business owner, or simply interested in the future of design, this article provides valuable insights into what’s next for on-demand design services.

clients and designers checking taking care of customer

Discover the 5 essential steps to creating a customer-centric feedback process in this informative article. With these expert tips, you can build a feedback process that puts your customers at the center of your business and drives long-term success.

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

Learn how to develop and train your team without the headaches of traditional HR processes in this informative article. Discover effective strategies for building a high-performing team and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Say goodbye to HR headaches and hello to a more efficient and effective team development approach.

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