9 easy Christmas design ideas you can add to your website

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Is your website ready for the happiest season of all?

The very first Christmas decor pre-dates Christmas itself.

A hundred years ago during the time of the ancient Egyptians, winter was not just hard, it was deadly. If a person didn’t (or couldn’t) prepare well enough, they’d starve and freeze.

During those harsh and bleak times, evergreen palm rushes were brought inside houses to remind families that winter would end.

Whoever saw this small hint of green would become optimistic that Spring was coming and the harvest would be plentiful again.

It was just a bunch of leaves, no glitters, no tinsels, but it served its purpose – to bring hope and cheer.

Christmas decor just became fancier over the years but the idea stuck. Putting them up early actually makes a person happier, according to science.

Time to decorate!

I’m sure that, by now, you’ve probably put up some holiday decor in your home, office, or in your brick and mortar stores. Your website should be no exception!

The objective is simple: to spread cheer.

After all, the more delighted your visitors are (online or offline), the more they will remember your brand. It doesn’t necessarily lead to sales automagically, but being top of mind must be one of your marketing strategies.

In this article, I’ve compiled small tweaks you can apply to your website to sprinkle some Christmas cheer in the design.

Parts of the website you can alter for the holidays:

Company logo

If your branding permits (I hope it does), you can change your logo a bit to fit the cheery season. There are a few tips in this article on how to do it tastefully.

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Social links

Make them look like baubles, or simply change their colours, social icons are the easiest to change to fit the season. This works well if you have at least 3 social media channels displayed on your website for maximum impact.

social media icons christmas
Christmas all around the world (wide web)

Hero image

Highlighting your Christmas promos or packages through the hero image is an excellent way to direct a visitor down a sales funnel. Especially since this image is the first they see when they click through.

If you also published these promos through social media, then visitors must see the festive-themed header to validate that they’ve arrived at the right site

hero image christmas
Capture their attention with a captivating Christmas banner.

Call to action buttons

Adding snow on top of your call to action buttons is a charming touch-up that indirectly tells the visitor: This website owner has excellent attention to detail. Well, aside from that, don’t you think this element is so adorable yourself?

call to action button with snow christmas
Attention to detail is always appreciated.

Christmas illustrations

Just like what we did on our website, if your website has images you can tweak to put a Christmas vibe in, why not? Add snow, put Santa hats on the illustrations, or have a Christmas-themed photoshoot with your team and feature them on the site.

Home CTA Xmas
Merry Christmas from Deer Designer!

Countdown to Christmas

Especially useful for e-commerce sites, a countdown can serve as a gentle reminder that Christmas isn’t far away, allowing you to nudge visitors along the purchase journey.

Everyone knows that the Christmas rush is real so a timeline may encourage clients to buy ASAP – especially if they want their presents to come on time!

Christmas countdown
Source: Google - Santa Tracker App

Blog images

For your website’s search engine ranking, I am sure you are also publishing articles or content for the holidays. Images contribute to this so I recommend that you put enough Christmas-related, high-quality images for your articles.

Christmas-themed loader

This loader’s style and colour scheme will make waiting more bearable for your visitors. A word of caution: use this design sparingly because if your visitors see this too often, it means your website is painfully slow.

Fix your website’s speed first before you apply this design strategically wherever you think it is critical for your visitors to be entertained. Perhaps while their dashboard is loading? Or maybe when they are about to pay for a purchase.

Christmas loading
Time to open gifts in 3...2...1...


Personalize your newsletter or send out a newsletter just for this holiday season.

Even if you don’t send your customers emails regularly, greeting them with a well-crafted e-card loaded with kind greetings is a great way to remind them about your business. We can have one designed for you exclusively!

newsletter christmas ideas
It's the thought that counts

Spread the cheer, sooner rather than later

It’s not too late to add some minor but significant changes to your website’s design for Christmas 2021. There are several ways to appreciate the holiday spirit and boost online sales at the same time.

You can have your logo redesigned, post more holiday-related content or add more Christmas designs to your website. Choose the best way that is on-brand and that you can execute effortlessly.

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