How to get more time to focus on strategy and grow your business

Let’s be honest…

Your business success relies on many things. Even though the goal is simple: selling – the challenges are endless. I’d like to help you focus on your strategy and grow your business. Let me tell you: you might have invested a lot of time reading and learning new business models and strategies, researching your market, getting to know your target and monitoring your competitor. All of that to come up with “the perfect 1-year business plan”. You may think you finished it and is ready to start. But you haven’t finished it at all… it will never be finished! Sorry to burst your bubble but it is for your own good.

It would be a dream come true to plan something, frame it and say: “this is exactly what we’re going to do”. But even if you do exactly what your competition does, it will still require lots of adjustments along the way.

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To have a good business plan is always an ongoing task. It’s a daily process of monitoring and rewriting. As a business owner, you will have to make the time for that. But don’t worry: as I mentioned above, we can help you. Here are some tips:

Don’t do everything alone

You might be a badass at this whole business ownership thing.  Your company is your baby and no one will take care of it better than you will. But you have limited time and resources. If you try doing everything on your own, you might be limiting yourself for potential growth. In fact, most companies doing that end up failing. Start investing in automation, systems, and people to operate your business.

Choose well where you will invest

Have you ever heard of: “There is no such thing as a free lunch”? If you haven’t, the idea is simple: it is impossible to get something for nothing. So, be ready to invest. Since time, expertise and budget are in short supply, most companies will try to find a quick and cheap solution that doesn’t require a lot of financial investment. There is no problem with that, just be careful not to choose an inexpensive and inefficient answer that will end up costing money in the end.

Focus on your core strengths

You should always aim to be better and do better, but never lose focus of what makes your brand unique. What’s the most valuable thing you are giving to your customers and what differentiates your company from the competition? Even if you have the home-office thing going on, you should hang your company’s strengths, values, mission and vision on the wall to never lose sight of it. You may have a million problems to solve, but you will know what to prioritize if you always look at that piece of paper.

Monitor your branding strategy closely

A senior Coca-Cola executive once said: “If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.”

People have to know you before they buy anything from you. It seems simple, right? But it isn’t. People make snap judgments. It takes about 50 milliseconds for your audience to form an opinion about you. In 0.05 seconds they’ll decide if they like you or not. If they want to buy something from you or not. So make sure you make a good first impression… you probably won’t get the chance to make a second one.

You may be small, but let the world think big of you! Have a compelling message, make your company present in your target audience’s life and always use a powerful design.

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