IMPORTANT email for your boss

Subject: Deer Designer save our lives
To: Your boss
From: You and your team

Hi {{Your Boss’s Name}},

We have lots of ongoing graphic design tasks, and Deer Designer just hooked us up with a special extra 15% discount on their first month!

For only £350 we get an online graphic designer to do all our designs for us just by sending them a quick email. And if we don’t like it in the first 2 weeks, they’ll give us a full refund.

This will help me succeed in my role because {{of a super convincing reason}}.

We have to move quickly: the discount expires in 10 days!

What do you think? Link to sign up is here!

– {{Your Name}} {{Your Favorite Emoji}}

We get it. Finding reliable freelancers is hard and can be expensive… so we’ve decided to give you a killer discount so you can try us out. Sweet!

We also pre-wrote the email you should send to your boss to get the service.

And oh, if your boss signs us up, we’ll give you a £35 Amazon Voucher too. How cool is that?

Hurry up! ?⚡

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