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How much does a designer cost?

You’re probably thinking about allocating a budget for design services, so you’ve been collecting quotes. Deer Designer is a unique on-demand graphic design service and we did a comparison for all design options available for you.

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5 ways to digitise your brand

Businesses, according to Forbes, have modified their marketing plans and goals in order to engage with their customers and attract new audiences. These plans included reaching out to influencers and focusing on social media marketing. To execute this plan, you need a reliable graphic design partner.

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The art of pricing a service

Service pricing is a strategy that ensures that the price you set for your services is both fair to the client and profitable to you. Pricing a service is tricky because there is no “one size fits all” solution in the service industry. This article can enlighten you, check it out.

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Deer Designer vs Superside

Design companies, like Deer Designer, should help you in making more money and having an exceptional online presence through compelling designs without leaving you bankrupt in the process, unlike other on-demand design companies.

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Deer Designer vs digital agency

Deer Designer is a David amid digital firms’ Goliaths. We focus on building a relationship between client and designer, while we create high-quality designs for you. In the digital era, when the playing field for advertising is levelled, a consistent, well-made, and well-thought-out design is all you need to present your brand to people.

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Deer Designer vs Flocksy

In this article, I am going to layout another on-demand design services comparison and this time, it is between Flocksy and Deer Designer. I will compare them head to head from their services to their pros and cons.

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Deer Designer vs Freelancers

Almost all entrepreneurs start as a one [wo]man band. With too many instruments to play, before you get out of tune, you will look for help from those within the industry, like freelancers. But both of you have similar struggles, do you think they can really help you?

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Deer Designer vs Canva

Quick templates from Canva will make your brand look amateur, cheap. Even if using Canva seems easy and fast, you don’t want your brand to look cheap. What then is the best alternative?

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Design Pickle vs Deer Designer

With Design Pickle, you get only a designer. That’s it. What if your designer isn’t comfortable with a particular request? Deer Designer has Squads with designers who excel in all sorts of design-related skills. That’s 4x the value out of the service for you, since you end up getting the best of all worlds!

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Deer Designer vs Many Pixels

ManyPixels is a lot like Deer Designer. They claim to pair you up with a designer whose expertise matches your needs. You can use their services to request any kinds of design you need for your business. But ManyPixels has 3 weaknesses, read on to find out!

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