There is no growth without a process

Why do you need a process?

Some people shiver just hearing this word. What is it anyway? A set of documents? A series of checklists? Or just something to keep you in line and focused?

Imagine if you had to reinvent the wheel every time you had a problem. Not very productive, is it? A process is a handy solution to solving the same set of problems you’ve been encountering on a day to day basis.

We used to run things without a process, you know? Here’s an example:

As soon as someone joins us, we match them with a designer and they start sending their designs requests. Easy, right?

It sure is! But every now and again we get a design request like this:

Note that there’s a lot of information missing in order for their designer to create the banner, right? Unless your designer has a crystal ball, they won’t be able to move a finger without getting more details.

Promptly, the designer starts checking previous requests to see if anything like that was done before.

The designer would then reply:

You get the point.

Before we had standard processes in place, there was a lot of back and forth communication between clients and designers. That brought frustration for both: the designer as they didn’t have all they need, and the client as the whole back-and-forth would take too much time.

That’s why is important to have a process

It can be simple documents a roadmap to handle a problem effectively or even implement the required solution. Your processes bring together all the knowledge you or your company have gained over the years, in a short and sweet referable way of making improvements and preventing past mistakes.

In short, it makes your life easier. It’s also useful for new people to get up to speed quickly.

How to create a process

Try to answer those questions:

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • Who does it and who needs to be aware of it
  • When does it need to be done

Write down those answers in a clear way (I love bullet points) so other people can pick it up without your help.

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In the beginning, it’s hard to imagine how to build a proper process. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. You can always change it. Start gathering the things that keep repeating and taking most of your time and put them together. After a while, you will see that things start falling into place and your flow will be smoother.

Good luck creating your process.

Look at what they’re saying about us ?

  • I can't thank you enough. Even if I don't send any request in the next 6 months, it's still worth it! The designs are as professional as a design agency and cheaper than hiring freelancers. I love my designer! She's always there when I need her and I don't have to tell her what fonts, colours or images to use. I'm never going back to freelancers!

    Rosie H.
    Rosie H. Operations Manager
  • Every design feels like it was made especially for me. I never have to worry about crap design work. No templates, no clip-arts, no messing around. Finally, I don’t have to touch Photoshop again.

    Andy L.
    Andy L. Founder

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