Brand personalities you can choose to liven up your brand

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Your brand can behave like a human with a personality.

I once made an ad for social media that used a chatbot to get people interested and sort out the first inquiries. I made a list of all the questions a customer might ask so that I could put them in the right market segment.

I looked at the data and found that most people like to use the button: “Talk to Human.”

Why wasn’t I shocked?

Bob Burg, a leading expert on influence and referral marketing, says that people buy from people they know, like, and trust

Unless your business sells to things that aren’t people, it’s important to remember that people like doing business with other people.

Just like a real person, your brand needs to have its own qualities. What does your brand look like? If it could choose what to wear, would it wear plain clothes or clothes with patterns? If it can talk, how does it do it?

Adding personality to a brand will make it more appealing and make it much easier  for you to plan a campaign or make designs for different platforms.

Why is it important to have a personality for your brand?

Brand personalities are the unique qualities that set one brand apart from its competitors. They can be made better through strategy, design, and marketing.

A good brand personality can help a company stand out from its competitors, create a memorable brand identity, and make customers feel loyal. 

Most of the time, 95% of people buy things based on how they feel instead of what makes the most sense.

People like brands that appeal to their “gut feeling,” so brands that present themselves in a human and personal way do better than brands that rely on numbers or logic.

Different brand personalities

There are many different kinds of brand personalities, from fun-loving and happy to serious and in charge. The kind of personality a company has should be based on its mission and values, as well as the people it wants to do business with.

There are four main personality types for brands. Think about your brand and try to figure out which one works for you. People are more likely to buy a brand if it has the same kind of personality as them.

Fun-loving and happy

Companies that want to reach a younger audience often use brand personalities that are happy and fun. 

This kind of person is happy and easygoing, with a focus on humour, playfulness, and having a good time. Brands with this kind of personality include Burger King and Skittles.

Official and serious

Companies that want to be seen as reliable and knowledgeable use an authoritative and serious brand personality. 

Luxury and financial brands often use this type of personality because it makes people feel like they can trust and depend on the brand. Mercedes-Benz and Goldman Sachs are two brands that have taken on this kind of personality.

Modern and cutting-edge

Companies that want to be seen as cutting-edge and forward-thinking often use modern and innovative brand personalities. 

This kind of personality is often used by tech and digital media companies because it gives the impression that they are modern and moving forward. Apple and Netflix are two companies that have taken on this kind of personality.

Kind and compassionate

Companies that care about doing good in the world often hire people with this kind of personality because it shows that they understand and care. Some brands have taken on this kind of personality. Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker are two examples.

Giving designs their own personality (and vise versa)

Once you know what kind of personality fits your brand best, you need to show it through design. 

If you choose the right colours, icons, and fonts, you can show what your brand is like and make an instant connection with your target market just by looking at it.

Take a look at this logo. It starts out modern and new, but if you change the brand’s personality, it starts to feel different and attracts a different type of customer. 

Swipe the picture to see what it looks like when you add some fun and happiness.

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This time, let’s begin with a family-oriented, compassionate logo. Slide it and you’ll see how it changes into an authoritative and powerful design.

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The heart of a brand

Having a consistent brand personality is the first step in building good relationships with customers. Don’t forget that people are more likely to buy a brand that they know, like, and trust and that has a personality similar to their own.

No matter what kind of brand personality a company comes up with, it should be consistent and easy to recognize in all of its marketing, from ads to product packaging.

A strong brand personality that is designed by a reliable on-demand design company can help a company stand out from its competitors and build a strong relationship with its customers.

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