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4 tips to avoid design copyright violations

A desire to save money is one of the most common reasons that designers and businesses become entangled in copyright law.
There are numerous techniques and tips for avoiding copyright infringement; however, hiring or collaborating with a professional on-demand design company is the best option.

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Logo ideas for service companies

Coming up with a logo design for a business that sells physical products like clothes, shoes, and food can be easy but I couldn’t say the same for those offering services. This quick guide can help.

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The Anatomy of Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are the pillars of consistent visual branding and you’re thinking why you should give headspace to something that looks frivolous and fancy. In this article, I will give you 4 good and practical reasons.

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8 time-wasters when creating a brand​

You want to give a deep meaningful meaning to your brand that’s why you might be overthinking (or might have overthought) your company name and logo. Avoid these 8 branding time-wasters that agency owners, unfortunately, get trapped in.

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How to add personality to a brand

Adding personality to a brand will make it appealing to the target market and it can make planning for a campaign or creating designs for various platforms, a lot easier. Check out this article for tips and design samples.

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How to make a custom logo design you will be proud of

What’s in a logo design that makes people stop, think, decide, and act?
And most importantly, how do you pack all those golden characteristics in just one image?
Read on and find out how you can make a custom logo design you will be proud of.

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