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Discover the 5 essential steps to creating a customer-centric feedback process in this informative article. With these expert tips, you can build a feedback process that puts your customers at the center of your business and drives long-term success.

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

Learn how to develop and train your team without the headaches of traditional HR processes in this informative article. Discover effective strategies for building a high-performing team and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Say goodbye to HR headaches and hello to a more efficient and effective team development approach.

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

As the design industry continues to change, teams will become more and more important to meet client needs and make great work. Know more about how our squads can help you with your design needs.

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Through a series of questions on a discovery call, you get to know a lot about the design company culture aside from information available on the website. With it you will know if you’re a fit for each other.

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Learn how to be successful in business by letting go of these habits that hold you back. Trust your team, delegate tasks, and focus on the big picture to see your business thrive. Read more for tips on how to let go and grow.

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Discover the 4 valid reasons to end a client relationship and learn how to handle it professionally. Read this article to ensure a smooth and respectful termination.

client management,client tips,bad clients,client feedback

Learn how to effectively manage an irate and difficult client with easy and proven steps. Improve client satisfaction and protect your business reputation.

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

Feeling uninspired and losing passion for your business? Learn practical tips and strategies for reigniting your drive as an entrepreneur in this informative article. Discover how to refocus and regain motivation for the long-term success of your business.

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Learn from the mistakes of failed startups.  The probability of a business growing as projected becomes higher if you have a better understanding of your customers.

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Offer genuine help because you’re building a relationship with the client, not just a one-time transaction. Get more tips here.

Using Viva Magenta in Designs Painter

Get tips on how to use Viva Magenta – the 2023 colour of the year for your brand in this article.

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If you don’t want to say much about your business, your design needs to be loud enough for everyone to hear. You can hire Deer Designer to do it for you.

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

Since business never slows down, a reliable, on-demand design team can help your company look professional, and established. The good news is that Deer Designer is ready to grow with you especially when you finally choose to upgrade.

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Becoming an expert or authority takes time and a lot of hard work. But that doesn’t mean you have to know the answers to every question your audience has. More tips in this article.

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Both you and your designer have to work together for the relationship to flourish. Share your ideas, your likes and dislikes. Remember: they’re not mind-readers.

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Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is going through a period of rapid change, with digital signage and other new technologies providing consumers with new ways to interact with brands. Check out 2023 tips here.

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Owning a small or medium business can be both fulfilling and stressful at the same time. Here are some tips how to overcome some challenges.

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

It’s a design war out there. Every campaign is a battle for attention and revenue. Do you have a battle-tested designer on your camp? Here are the marks of a seasoned designer you can rely on.

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Entrepreneurship and “hustling” are often promoted online as ways to escape a 9-to-5 job. In reality, entrepreneurship is a bit over-glorified. Find out why in this article.

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Meeting management can be hard, but if you have a good presentation, the right starting tools, and the right knowledge, you will be an expert at making meetings work well. Get more tips in this article.

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The rise of the remote worker has made it all the more important to take these tips into account if you want to be productive and happy in your chosen workplace.

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As a startup founder, you want your content marketing efforts to be as quick and effective as possible. An effective strategy must not consume too much time and energy while producing the results required to help your business succeed.

Spot the difference game

In this article, a business owner or manager could conduct quick due diligence to protect their company and make wise decisions about publishing designs they pay for.

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Despite the fact that there are numerous outsourcing options, one of the most viable is an on-demand design service. Get more tips here on how to build your dream team.

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Beautiful design is effective at attracting passers-by and window shoppers, but it is not enough to convince them to buy. Attracting them is one thing; converting them is quite another. Find more tips in this article.

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Running a business is a long-term commitment that requires consistent marketing efforts to stand out amongst competitors. You need designs that will endure the test of time as well as copyright police. Getting a reliable designer is challenging now more than ever.

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There are a lot of other reasons for you to try a new skill like the ability to connect brain cells, the sense of accomplishment, and even physical health improvements. Choose your new skill wisely through tips in this article.

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Successful businesses are well-organized and efficient. A checklist is one of the most effective ways to keep a business running smoothly. Deer Designer can attest to this because it is part of our processes that allow us to produce excellent designs.

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You will only be distracted if you allow yourself to be distracted, so it is best if you understand why you allow yourself to be distracted. Are you bored, scared, or tired? Find out in this article.

Networking in a trade show

Trade shows are an outstanding way to promote your company to a large number of potential customers. It’s an excellent way to get exposure, sell products, and meet new people. To be successful, you must plan a trade show well in advance and ensure that you have the right design in place.

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