Scope of Service

Here’s a list of what we offer

Scope of Service

Things we can do:


  • Design or tweak you business card
  • Design a flyer for your business
  • Design a cover for your book/e-book/CD
  • Create PowerPoint/Keynote backgrounds
  • Design a poster for special events


  • Create a graphic for social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc)
  • Design your Facebook or Twitter cover
  • Design a featured image for an article or blog post


  • Create banner ads/Facebook ads
  • Create a newspaper/magazine advert
  • Create a promotional banner for your website/email to announce special promotions
  • Create a graphic to use in your newsletter

Daily Tasks

  • Tweak an existing graphic
  • Resize/Cropping images
  • Put your logo on an existing photo
  • Remove the background from a photo
  • Edit or tweak a photo
  • Create a graphic for your website
  • Design ‘Call To Action’ buttons
  • …and much more!
Scope of Service

Things we don’t do:


  • Original logos
  • Video / motion graphics
  • Illustrations from scratch

Web Development

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • UI/UX/web, mobile or app design
  • Programming/coding


  • 3D / CAD
  • Heavy photo manipulation
  • Large copy-heavy layout or InDesign projects
  • Pornographic or any illegal activity of any kind.

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