Using Pinterest as part of a digital marketing strategy

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Collections and mementos are usually kept in a nice box

“Do you have a Pin Interest account?” I once overheard my friend ask my other friend. “Pinterest! Not Pin Interest.“ we corrected her.

Honestly, even if the mistake was laughable, she actually nailed what Pinterest was really about: pinning someone’s interests.

I opened a Pinterest account in the first year of its debut and I was instantly hooked because I have always loved collecting things. When I was a kid, I had a collection of city bus tickets I kept in a nice shoebox.

Whenever I chance upon this shoebox (during spring cleaning, usually), I am able to reconnect with myself and self-reflect. It’s very therapeutic. 

A Pinterest folder feels like a digital shoebox where I put all the knick-knacks and souvenirs I found while surfing the Internet.

Now, imagine if your ideal client actually has Pinterest folders labelled “Best UK web agencies”, “Web design inspiration”, “Social media marketing agencies”, and your company belongs in one or all these folders? 

That would be any brand’s dream, right?

If that happens, the brand is not only assured of customer loyalty but a deep emotional relationship.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a digital search platform for concepts such as cuisine, lifestyle, furniture, design ideas, and more.

There are numerous reasons why Pinterest is a fantastic channel for businesses. You can introduce your company to a completely fresh audience, one pin can connect to many other pins, and so on.

However, many businesses are hesitant to use Pinterest for marketing purposes because it’s not their industry’s primary channel of choice. Statistics prove that Pinterest pins have high conversion rates.

Latest Pinterest marketing data

Most Pinterest users have the following profiles:

  • 98% of Pinterest users have tried a new recipe they found on the site.
  • 77% of users purchased a new product or brand.
  • Pinterest is used by 84% of pinners to help them select what to buy.

According to the data, the majority of Pinterest’s audiences have extra disposable income and are prepared and ready to shop online. As a result, now is a fantastic time for firms to begin creating a solid marketing strategy.

Sample Pinterest Graphics

Why should a business start using Pinterest?

Pinterest generates traffic

Pinterest reduces the number of processes between finding and conversion, making it simpler for consumers to go to the source.

It can reach the target market on a different platform

Pinterest users enjoy finding and sharing stuff with specific groups of people. This is beneficial to our business because it suggests that the pins will be viewed, interacted with, and potentially go viral with the ideal target audience.

You can be in the middle of the buzz

One of the lovely things we can do with Pinterest is to check what is currently popular. Pinterest allows us to discover and appreciate what’s trending and then utilize that knowledge to promote your brand.

How to optimize Pinterest for business?

Make a Pinterest marketing plan

Like with any other digital platform, begin by developing a social media plan for Pinterest. You can’t just rush things from here! To start, take a look at this article about the 4 pillars of marketing plans you should establish first.

Create eye-catching pins with appealing content

To strengthen brand authority, produce and share more original material. Creative tensile strength is a core requirement for a business to be successful on Pinterest. This means creating consistent, high-quality, and meaningful visual material.

Some businesses hire design professionals solely to produce a steady stream of high-quality material for their target audience.

The good news is that if you’re already a client of ours, your company’s creative tensile strength is already pretty robust. We can do the Pinterest designs for your old and new content, while you sit back and relax. 🏖

Keywords are essential to boost SEO

Because Pinterest is an online search platform, your company’s pins must be easily found in searches. Strategic keywords and hashtags will help.

Self-Assess your interest in Pinterest

Even if you have valuable and visually appealing content to share on Pinterest, and your web traffic reports are positive, but you find the platform too complicated and unpleasant to use, it’s best to opt out sooner rather than later.

Remember that visually captivating images are necessary for the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

If this is something your company can truly commit to, go for it passionately and consistently. Otherwise, you may end up losing time, energy, and resources.

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