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Choosing between a digital agency or Deer Designer

Deer Designer vs digital agency

I see you’ve been looking into design agencies for your design needs, huh?

Wow, you are definitely scaling, congratulations!

But! 🍑

Before you sign a long-term contract with them, let me show you a comparison so you can decide if a digital agency is indeed the best option for your business.

Digital agencies provide end-to-end advertising services. They research your product, plan the advertising campaign, create the materials for the advertisements and get feedback from the audience or the customers. Their services encompass design, ads, web, and marketing.

Digital agency people (sorry, how are they called collectively?) are experts in the digital advertising and marketing field. They work in groups with copywriters, graphic artists, planners, and art directors handing different accounts at the same time.

alien group cartoon
Digital agencies work in groups

Going big?

Big corporations and multinational companies hire digital agencies to create campaigns for them. The ad agencies’ reputation then piggyback on the popularity of the brand they are advertising.

Take Chiat/Day for example. I bet you haven’t even heard of this ad agency before.

But if told you they delivered campaigns for Apple and Nike, you’ll go like: “yeah, yeah, I know”. while trying to recall an Apple or a Nike Ad.

Their sophisticated experience of working on various projects (they call it accounts) from a wide range of industries is one of the most recognizable benefits of hiring them.

The extensive industry experience provides the agency with the ability to come up with new ideas on how to turn concepts into a memorable ad campaign.

Agencies seem to be the answer to your prayer – a one-stop, worry-free, end-to-end service.

But you should trust your gut if it says agencies are too good to be true.

An on-demand design company may be the simple solution to your problem.



No beating around the bush here: hiring agencies is expensive, according to their tracking records.

The costs of working with a digital design agency are way far too high when you only need to accomplish a single task. If you only need to get design work done, it’s better to use an unlimited graphic design service since that’s what they focus on.

Now if you want to take over the world – like Steve Job’s 1984’s “Think Different” campaign, by all means, go forth and hire your Chiat/Day.

No hard feelings here!

From a business perspective, you know not to bite more than you can chew.

Sure, you are planning on hiring a digital agency now but how much would that burn through your pocket before you catch fire yourself?

man on fire

If your company is still growing and you only need consistent and high-quality designs, then Deer Designer is the best choice for you. We help small businesses look big with excellent designs.

Deer Designer offers a whole design team for a low monthly flat fee. That means you won’t have to worry about escalating costs or various payment tranches until a campaign is delivered.

With on-demand design services like Deer Designer, your costs can be reduced.


Agencies are slow

But there’s a reason for that. In a design agency, there are dozens of copywriters, graphic artists, planners, and art directors for each account and campaign. That means there is a hierarchy.

Proposals must progress up the ladder in order to be approved. After months of back and forth, content and graphic design go through the same tedious process.

See? Bureaucracy…

No matter how great they are, digital agencies don’t have magic wands that can quickly create a design for you. Before the start of any project, there must be consent from both you and the directors.

There are too many chefs in the kitchen: directors, account managers, designers, and, as you know, an idea may get lost in the shuffle of information.

Are you willing to meet with an account manager three times in a month, only to have them respond a week later claiming their director disagrees? All of this for a social media campaign?

I thought so.

Instead of a hierarchy, Deer Designer has a dedicated Design Team for you. Your design requests are still subjected to quality control checks, but our approach is (much) faster. The designer reads the design brief and responds to it through the Account Managers.

That means there is clear and direct communication, and almost nothing is lost in translation, saving you the time and effort of having to explain your idea to many individuals over and over again.

When it comes to speed of delivery, Deer Designer has a quick turnaround of 1-2 days depending on the design complexity.

No time-wasting with long meetings and clearances. Almost like design magic!


Digital agencies are rigid experts

Exactly the reason why you’d want to hire them, right?

Warning ⚠️

If you are not an ad/marketing specialist and you decide to change the colour in the middle of a project because your “gut feeling” says so, you’ll easily be dismissed as they give you the “you-don’t-trust us” speech.

And since you spent a lot of money for them to do the job, and you’ve been to so many kick-off meetings with them, you’re in risk of dismissing your own “gut feeling.” You’ve put in much too much work to simply drop the ball. So you swallow your pride and move on.

Not good for someone who is the heart and soul of the company.

When it comes to team member selection and project execution, digital firms are very strict. If you are not impressed with the performance of one designer, you are unable to change them because they are just part of the package.

And if you run out of money before the end of a campaign, you can’t just ask them to postpone it. They have more projects and brands in their pipeline.

Deer Designers are also experts, but we are ego-free

That means we listen to you and we will make any revisions to your designs until you’re 100% happy with them.

Deer Designer vs digital agency

Here is a quick comparison:

Digital Agency Deer Designer
Design Experts
Excellent design work
Dedicated design team
Fit for small and medium enterprises
Quick turnaround

Deer Designer may be the solution you need

Deer Designer is a “David” amid digital firms’ “Goliaths”.

We focus on building a relationship between client and designer, while we create high-quality designs for you. In the digital era, when the playing field for advertising is levelled, a consistent, well-made, and well-thought-out design is all you need to present your brand to people.

Try us out for 14 days with a money-back guarantee and if you decide that you’re better off signing a contract with an agency, we will let you go. Promise!