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person upskilling putting tools in his head

6 Reasons why you need to learn a new skill

There are a lot of other reasons for you to try a new skill like the ability to connect brain cells, the sense of accomplishment, and even physical health improvements. Choose your new skill wisely through tips in this article.

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team people using a giant checklist

7 Ways checklists can save your company

Successful businesses are well-organized and efficient. A checklist is one of the most effective ways to keep a business running smoothly. Deer Designer can attest to this because it is part of our processes that allow us to produce excellent designs.

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art thief in a gallery

4 tips to avoid design copyright violations

A desire to save money is one of the most common reasons that designers and businesses become entangled in copyright law.
There are numerous techniques and tips for avoiding copyright infringement; however, hiring or collaborating with a professional on-demand design company is the best option.

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unknown person with covered face

First things first: Getting to know your target market

Understanding the needs of the target market is winning half the battle in marketing.
The answers to the questions in this article will assist you in better understanding your customer, allowing you to create more relevant messages, more personal experiences, and more engaging content.

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Networking in a trade show

10 Trade show design must-haves

Trade shows are an outstanding way to promote your company to a large number of potential customers. It’s an excellent way to get exposure, sell products, and meet new people. To be successful, you must plan a trade show well in advance and ensure that you have the right design in place.

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