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5 Signs you need to fire your designer

Troublesome employees suck the fun out of building a business. They do their thing instead of the company SOPs or your instructions so you end up fixing problems you didn’t cause. If you feel that your designer is no longer adding value to your organization, it’s time to find a...

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The Anatomy of Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are the pillars of consistent visual branding and you’re thinking why you should give headspace to something that looks frivolous and fancy. In this article, I will give you 4 good and practical reasons.

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Should I outsource design tasks?

When it comes to design, outsourcing is definitely an option, especially for small or medium companies. It may be a difficult decision for you to make right now so let me help you decide with this handy dandy flowchart.

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8 time-wasters when creating a brand​

You want to give a deep meaningful meaning to your brand that’s why you might be overthinking (or might have overthought) your company name and logo. Avoid these 8 branding time-wasters that agency owners, unfortunately, get trapped in.

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Very Peri Gallery Sample 2022 Colour

Very Peri and other colour trends of 2022

It looks like colour trends are going to change in 2022. Designers are also looking at new colour combinations including Pantone’s colour of the year – Very Peri. Read about how this futuristic shade can match your current branding.

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About Us

Top Client Testimonials for 2021

In this article, I will be going over the best feedback I have read from our wall of love. It was interesting to read the different opinions, great advice, and useful information from founders, owners, CEOs, and managers.

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