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The best thing about growing Deer Designer is hearing our customers’ success stories. Have a look at what they have to say.

  • It costs a fraction of what freelancers and agencies were charging me. I came for the unlimited graphic design, but I stayed for the experience. It’s amazing!

    Celine L.
    Celine L. Marketing Manager
  • This is the perfect service for us as a startup that's constantly sharing things on social media. Totaly worth it.

    Nathalie O.
    Nathalie O. PR Consultant
  • It's been great so far. The designs are incredibly professional and I'm especially liking how responsive and friendly my designer is. The dynamics of Deer Designer's model feels just like they're part of our team

    Laura P.
    Laura P. Founder & CEO
  • Every design feels like it was made especially for me. I never have to worry about crap design work. No templates, no clip-arts, no messing around. Finally, I don’t have to touch Photoshop again.

    Andy L.
    Andy L. Founder
  • I can't thank you enough. Even if I don't send any request in the next 6 months, it's still worth it! The designs are as professional as a design agency and cheaper than hiring freelancers. I love my designer! She's always there when I need her and I don't have to tell her what fonts, colours or images to use. I'm never going back to freelancers!

    Rosie H.
    Rosie H. Operations Manager
  • This is gold! Without Deer Designer I would have to go back to something less good, like Fiverr. Thanks guys!

    Emerson S.
    Emerson S. CEO
  • Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying the service. For me, it's solving a problem of having to look for freelancers every time I need something designed.

    Naomi F.
    Naomi F. Content Marketer
  • Being a small company with limited resources never allowed us to invest in our looks. Deer Designer is changing that! It's really awesome!

    Dan B.
    Dan B. Events Manager
  • My designer already knows my brand guidelines and is growing with me. I’m always his priority. I’m so happy for not having to deal with random freelancers anymore!

    Clayton V.
    Clayton V. Church Pastor
  • I thought you were just another shitty design factory. Boy, was I wrong! I get my designs in every format I need and all with just one email. It's unlimited, yet personal.

    Lydia R.
    Lydia R. Social media manager
  • It's convenient, simple and reliable. If you know how to delegate and prioritise, it's a no-brainer. I'd recommend to all kinds of businesses, really

    Gabriel M.
    Gabriel M. Book Author
  • 1 week into Deer Designer and our team is SOLD 🙌. One of our clients just said: "It's so beautiful... where has this been my whole life?"

    Jenny D.
    Jenny D. Blogger (Fashion)
  • Just some feedback for you guys: our clients are amazed and impressed with the work and turnaround. I think you guys may actually be miracle designers, the designs look fab! Thank you very much! 🙂

    Ruth A.
    Ruth A. Head of Organic

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