Our Processes

How it Works

Design Match

Your Deer Designer

You’re matched with a dedicated designer that’ll take over all your design tasks. We choose this designer based on what you tell us when you join. In the first months, we might try different designers to see who is the best for you. If your designer needs a day off or has an emergency, their buddy will take over so your designs get done. You won’t have a day with no work. Unless your designer is not there for the day or leaves the team, you will always work with them. And it doesn’t happen often, but if you end up not liking your designer’s style, we can always swap designers for you. No problem!


No designer is perfect at everything. Some are really good at making websites, while others are best at making logos or posters. So, your designers work in Squads. Each squad has 10 to 12 designers with different talents.

Let’s say you usually ask for website designs, but one day you want a logo. Your designer will ask a team member who is good at logos to help. But don’t worry, your designer will still make sure you get what you want. This way, you get the best designs every time.

Your Account Manager

Your account manager handles the behind-the-scenes tasks like checking design details, managing tickets priorities, asking for missing info, and answering questions. They make sure everything is clear and organized.

Although you have a shared inbox with your design team, your account manager facilitates the communication so your designer can focus 100% on being creative.

Your Quality Analyst

You have a third person on your design team called the “Quality Hero”. Your QA is like a top designer responsible for quality control. They make sure what you ask for and what you get are the same. They look over your designer’s work to make sure it’s good for you.

Imagine them as a “helping hand” to make sure you always get premium designs. They’re only human, so if they let something slide, let your account manager know and they’ll fix it for you.

The Flow

Make a wish

When you ask for a design, your design team check if they understand what you want. They make sure they have everything, like copy, pictures and logos. If they need more details, they'll ask you. If not, they'll get started on your designs.

Get it back

Once the magic is done, your Quality Hero looks at your designs to see if they're good. Your Account Manager then sends them to you. You'll get a link to get your finished designs and also the layered files*. Happy days!

Rinse and repeat

If you want changes, just reply to the same email. Keep asking for changes until you're 100% happy with your designs. You can check the status of your requests, set priorities, and add comments to each request using our dashboard.

* We work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma and Canva.

Any other design apps aren’t part of our processes (yet!)

Communication is Key

How we communicate

All our communication runs through our dashboard or email so we can keep track of everything. You won’t be able to voice/video call your design team as they might be working on different time zones. It’s also important to have everything logged in one place in case we need to replace your designer whenever they take a day off.

Some of our clients like to send a short video/screencast to explain what they want. Others send us their briefs in a text/Word document or use lists and annotated images. You choose how you’d like to work with your team!

And if you work with a team, they’re more than welcome to send design requests too.

Our Speed

Smart remote working

Our clients are from everywhere, so is our team! Even if your designer is on your time zone, most designs are delivered within 1 business day as they all have a flexible daily schedule. Turnaround times vary based on the clarity of your brief and complexity of each request. You can always ask your account manager for an ETA. As long as there's something in your pipeline, you'll get daily updates.

"All you can eat" designs

You have your own design team with us, so ask for any designs you want! Simple tasks like a landing page or social media graphics are quick. But more complex ones such as presentations or websites might take a few days. The amount of work you'll get back depends on how clear your brief is, the complexity of the designs, and how fast you can give feedback.

We're not happy until you are

Hey, we know nothing is perfect. If you don't like a design, that's okay. Just ask for changes until it's just right for you. To avoid wasting time with revisions, make sure your brief is clear and as detailed as it can be. Don't forget to give examples of what you're looking for. We're not happy until you are.

Your designer is a real human

Your designer can do one job at a time. Seems obvious, right? Having said that, keep sending your requests and your design team will get them done one after the other. And whenever you need to switch priorities, just tell your design team and they'll make it work for you. You're the boss!

"How many hours per day"?​

We don't set a limit on how much your designer can do for you. Some days you might get a lot, and other days a little less, depending on the complexity of the requests. We prioritize quality over speed, but if you're in a hurry, tell your team, and they'll do their best to accommodate.

We scale as you grow​

Whether you're just one person or a big company, we can help you scale. Whenever you need more work done at the same time or need an extra pair of hands, you can always add more designers to your team. Some of our clients have multiple of our designers helping them every day!

We only work on business days. Weekends are off.​

Examples and Feedback


Getting to know someone takes time, right? Our focus is on building a relationship between you and your design team.

Most times, our designers get things right the first time. But sometimes, they need a few tries to learn your preferences and understand exactly what you want.

If a design isn’t what you hoped for, tell your designer. Let them know what you didn’t like and show them examples of what you’re looking for.

That being said, there are two things we need from you
when requesting design work:


Think about a “donut”. It can look many different ways: small, big, flat, 3D, or even in colors like blue or pink. Some are sweet, some are sour, and there are even cronuts.

But remember, designers can’t read minds! So when you ask for a donut design, show them some examples. Little hints help them create what you’re thinking of.

Your ideas will not only speed up the design process but also get your designs delivered without much back and forth. And saving time is what really matters, isn’t it?


When you get your designs, always tell your designer what you think. Be direct and straight to the point.

Tell them what you like, what you don’t, and if something needs a change. Show them examples if you want things done differently.


That’s how they will learn your brand and your preferences. The more you share, the better and quicker they’ll make your designs. As you build a relationship with them, they won’t need much hand-holding.

Remember: you’re in control of the outputs.

Scope of Service

So what can my team with Deer Designer do?

If you can explain it, they can design it. Anything from business cards, flyers, print materials to social media graphics, lead magnets and landing pages.

Can they design logos and brand guidelines?

Yes! Most of our clients are Web and Marketing agencies, so we create hundreds of of their clients’ brands every week. Your account manager will ask you a few questions and guide you through the process.

What about websites?

You bet! We don’t write copy (the content for your website) or do development work (build). Just send a wireframe (or even a quick sketch of what you have in mind) together with some inspiration, and your design team will give you an initial mockup and get your feedback before continuing working on it.

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