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How to use the law of attraction to get and keep customers

design attracting target market
Don’t just attract them, make them fall for your products and services.

A person with a normal range of eyesight has 20/20 vision. This means that a person in the back row of a bus can easily read the title of a book being held by someone next to the bus driver.

I have 20/650 vision and I wear glasses. Therefore, I can only read the title of that book’s cover if it is placed half a ruler away from my eyes. Without my glasses, I am completely blind.

Now one day I was going to meet my boyfriend. I chose to wear contact lenses to look great for the date. Unfortunately, one of the lenses was torn, which caused severe irritation in my eye. I had to get rid of them to avoid losing my vision.

But I couldn’t see too well without my glasses. So much for trying to look nice…

I arrived early at the meeting place and chose a table facing the door. I could see everyone entering and leaving. 

Surprisingly, I spotted a familiar-looking figure in the crowd. His friendly gait was also visible to me. I recognised him before I ever saw his face.

You see, when you are attracted to a brand, you know what it looks like from afar. For instance, knowledgeable collectors may distinguish between genuine and fake items just by feeling them. A brand has a closer bond with a devoted customer.

How can you replicate this experience in design? You need to establish a relationship with your target audience while also making the design appealing.

You’ll learn a few tips on how by reading this post.

Make it appealing

If you want your brand to be discovered, it must generate interest and buzz. This is possible with well-designed graphics, thinking outside the box, and going above and beyond the ordinary.

A girl or a guy looking for a long-term partner usually places a premium on their looks. The same logic applies. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, your brand must be visually attractive.

Understand the market

If you want to attract a yuppie in the dating scene, you need to know what they like and where they usually hang out. Giving time and effort to how you look but not going out and pursuing where your target market is counterproductive.

Always keep your target market in mind when doing anything, especially design. After all, they are the ones who pay you.


Attachment can be created by emotionally connecting with your audience and engaging their curiosity. Since humans buy from other humans, your design and messaging must be relatable and conversational.

Trying to impress the customer almost always backfires. Your brand will be the polar opposite of a magnet, repelling rather than potential clients.

boy and girl attracted to each other
Learning the law of attraction can make designers smarter.

Be authentic

If your brand is faking quality, potential clients will notice. You must communicate your authentic self when developing web design or promotions.

Authenticity also proves that you enjoy your craft, whether online or offline. Whatever you do, your enthusiasm will shine through. Your market will recognize you as a true expert who thrives in your field.

Mirror the purpose

Your website or ad design should reflect your brand and everything it stands for. It’s often one of the first things online consumers look at when learning about a company. It’s your way of getting your name out there.

Allow your design to communicate your purpose. What are the keywords and images that you can show your customers on a regular basis to help them remember you? Professionals in design and branding can assist you with this.

Nurture the audience

After introducing your brand, you must communicate with your customers or prospective buyers on a regular basis. Consistent contact, even if you have nothing (yet) to sell, develops loyal customers.

Friendships and business relationships thrive when people stay in touch even when there are no parties or deadlines. If the connection is consistent, a strong bond is formed.

The morning after

Beautiful design is effective at attracting passers-by and window shoppers, but it is not enough to convince them to buy. Attracting them is one thing; converting them is quite another.

If you can establish a lasting relationship with your client, even if they can’t see you among the noise on social media or the Internet, they will remember you. They will recognise you even if they are not wearing their glasses.

If you wave at them, they will wave back at you.