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Outsophobia 3: Watch out for the red flags of doom

Business owner overburdened with tasks with flag big backpack
There were red flags you missed that’s why you think it’s too late to outsource.

Article Series💡
Inspired by a post from the on the Facebook Group “The Admin Bar Community”

Inside the TAB Facebook group, many agency owners were talking about how they’re having a hard time letting go and really being the boss.

Inspired by their comments and struggles, here’s part 3 of our four-part series on crushing that fear of delegating and outsourcing.

Here’s the first article of the series that describes outsophobia. Find out if you’re suffering from it too in that article!

The second part lists the top fears business owners find hard to admit when it comes to delegating and outsourcing.

Here’s the 3rd article in the series that talks about red flags business owners ignore prior to outsourcing. Let’s go!

Business owner solving a puzzle
It’s hard to find the missing piece of a process if you’re fighting fire everyday.

Running your own agency solo can be such a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Just imagine the freedom to steer your own ship, pursue your passions, and have total control over your work. It’s pretty darn appealing, right?

But hey, we gotta keep it real and acknowledge the potential downsides of taking on too much. In this article, we’re gonna dive into the common mistakes made by solo agency owners and the regrets they often face as a result. Let’s get into it!

So, picture this: the owner ends up pouring way too much effort into projects that they don’t even get paid for. 

It’s a mix of doing unnecessary stuff for free (that nobody even asked for), being super pumped about trying new things, obsessing over making everything perfect, and constantly exploring different systems and tools to make things work.

All these things can lead to exhaustion, leaving no energy, time, or money to outsource or collaborate. Even when the next client comes knocking, they know they should delegate, but there’s just no time left.

Sound familiar?

Now, hiring outsourcing help at this point won’t do much good. If you do it at the last minute, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and “outsophobia.” But don’t worry, my friend, there’s a solution for challenges like these.

Business owner crying giving up waving a help flag
Business owners commonly struggle and suffer alone.

5 Red flags that hinder outsourcing

Alright, let’s take a step back and identify the warning signs that were there even before the owner started the project.

The allure of going above and beyond

As a solo agency owner, it’s natural to want to exceed client expectations and deliver outstanding results. But here’s the thing: going that extra mile can lead to taking on too much and doing way too many things for free.

It may seem like a way to build goodwill and keep clients loyal, but trust me, it usually backfires.

The perils of excitement and perfectionism

Solo agency owners are often fueled by their own enthusiasm and motivation. The excitement of taking on new projects and the desire to create something truly remarkable can be overwhelming.

But here’s the catch: that eagerness can cloud judgment and make you invest too much time and energy without considering the consequences. 

Striving for perfection in every single aspect of your work may seem admirable, but it can drain your resources and hinder your growth.

The time vs. energy conundrum

Business owner struggling with time management pulling clock
Time and energy management is a constant challenge.

And here comes the illusion of outsourcing. Recognizing the need to outsource or collaborate is a big step for solo agency owners. However, many find themselves stuck in a paradox.

They understand the benefits of delegating tasks they’re not good at or simply don’t enjoy, but because they’re exhausted or dealing with financial constraints, they can’t make the leap. 

This starts a cycle of overworking, hindering growth, and regrets.

Finding a reliable professional partner is way better than sifting through portfolios, hiring, training, and then firing even before the project is done. Let’s make things easier for ourselves, shall we?

Flag the flags

So, falling into the trap of taking on too much, doing free work, and getting consumed by excitement and perfectionism can lead to exhaustion, limited resources, and missed growth opportunities.

But now that we know what that trap and the red flags look and feels like, let’s do something about it. If you wanna stop being a part-time business owner, it’s time to reevaluate your approach.

Focus on efficient time management, set realistic expectations, and be willing to seek help when you need it. You got this! And if you’re looking for that help, check out Deer Designer.