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Show your graphic designer how much you appreciate them | Thank you messages for designers

thank you message for designers,2024,graphic design,graphic designer,brand,employee feedback,ultimate guide,design projects,commitment to excellence,dedication to design,unwavering commitment,design process,design work,world of design
You work with them every day yet they may not know how much you appreciate their work!

People constantly joke about how their bosses only show their appreciation by throwing a pizza party. And I’m not gonna lie, that scares me.

I don’t want to be that joke of a boss who only puts up pretenses of caring for their team when all they care about is scaling the company every quarter.

I’ve been a designer myself and I know how hard that work can be.

As creatives in a corporate setting, it’s easy for us to feel unappreciated.

We’re constantly having to churn out one creative work after another.

It can feel like you’re just an AI bot asked to generate designs on the regular.

Our designers and the rest of the remote team are carrying the entire company with their hard work.

I never want them to feel like they’re just replaceable cogs in a machine.

If anything, they’re more like star players on our winning football team.

They are drafted into the team because they do good work and they deserve to be appreciated for it.

They should get ample rest time when they’re sick, their achievements should be celebrated, and they should get trophies for their milestones too.

We make sure our designers feel valued and appreciated.

Because when they feel supported, the whole team thrives in a positive and motivating environment.

It helps create a positive and motivating work environment where everyone’s talent is considered important.

Everyone is more prepared to face the challenges in their work because they know they have a team that supports them and cares for their struggles.

Allow me to show you the practical ways you can also express your gratitude to your remote staff and designers, ensuring they feel valued and motivated.

Yes, we’re going to try and go beyond throwing pizza parties. Hang in there!

The importance of appreciating the people behind your brand

Showing appreciation isn’t just a kind gesture; it’s essential for building a healthy office culture and keeping employees happy and engaged.

According to Nectar’s employee recognition statistics, 87% of employees say that recognition impacts their satisfaction in their jobs.

They are more likely to stay and be productive if they feel like their hard work is recognized and appreciated.

This means that expressing gratitude not only improves morale but also helps retain your best and brightest employees.

Think about it: that’s almost 90% of employees.

If they feel unappreciated and unsatisfied with their job, they just might leave.

If you aren’t already showing your team how much you appreciate them in 2024, you might want to start considering throwing pizza parties after all. Like right now.

Showing appreciation to a remote working team

It’s definitely more challenging to throw a pizza party if you’re working remotely.

You’ll have to send each member at least one pizza slice!

But kidding aside, working remotely can sometimes make employees feel isolated or disconnected from the team.

After all, they don’t have people who greet them as they come to the office every day.

When they’re sending questions or chatting online, there is no face for them to see and recognize.

It can feel like they are just sending messages and passing on their work into a void.

Traditional office perks like casual Fridays, office parties, or even a simple “thank you” in person are not possible.

This means you should get creative with your approach to ensure your remote team feels appreciated and part of the company culture.

Here are some creative ways you can show your appreciation for your team:

Public acknowledgment

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to show appreciation is through regular recognition and praise.

Acknowledge your team’s hard work during meetings, in company newsletters, or on internal communication platforms like Slack.

For example, at Deer Designer, we have a “Feedback Friday” session where we give kudos and recognize team members who went above and beyond during the week.

This public acknowledgment makes employees feel valued and appreciated by their peers and supervisors.

It’s also a great way to end the week on a positive note and prepare everyone for a restful weekend.

Personalized messages

Taking the time to send a personalized message can go a long way.

Whether it’s an email, a direct message, or a creatively designed thank you card, personal touches show that you notice and appreciate individual contributions.

You can send these personalized thank-you emails to team members involved in major projects, highlighting their specific contributions and the impact of their work.

Thank you for your constantly creative design work – Thank you message ideas

Here are some heartfelt messages you can give out:

  • Your creativity knows no bounds and it shows in every design you make! Thank you for your truly remarkable work.
  • Your impeccable taste and ability to transform ordinary assets into creative designs set you apart from your team! Thank you for creating experiences that resonate with our clients and their audiences.
  • Your attention to detail has transformed assets into truly refreshing designs! Thank you for your dedication to perfection.
  • Your passion for design shines in every project you undertake. Thank you for consistently turning ordinary assets into amazing designs!
  • Your commitment to excellence is evident in every project you undertake. Thank you for your professionalism!
  • Designs have the power to carry emotions and enrich our lives. Thank you for constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and bringing out outstanding design work.
  • Your designs have a timeless feel that everyone in the world of design looks for. Thank you for bringing this talent into our company.
  • Not everyone has the skills to delve into the art of content design. Every piece of work you put out is a testament to your exceptional talent. Thank you for sharing this talent with us!

We have some design ideas in this guide:

➡️How to show your designer that you appreciate them

Virtual celebrations

Celebrating milestones like work anniversaries, project completions, or personal achievements can boost morale.

You can host virtual parties or gatherings to bring the team together.

At Deer Designer, we have a monthly Herd Huddle where we play games, share stories, greet people for their birthdays, and celebrate personal and team achievements.

It’s a great way for people to feel like they are spending time with their team and celebrating their wins.

thank you message for designers,2024,graphic design,graphic designer,brand,employee feedback,ultimate guide,design projects,commitment to excellence,dedication to design,unwavering commitment,design process,design work,world of design
Virtual celebrations help your team get together and feel like they are part of a team.

During birthdays and work anniversaries, we also send a small gift or token of appreciation to the celebrants.

It’s always a treat to receive a customized birthday cake or a little lamp with their face and our cute mascot, Buckley, on it!

Consider giving employee rewards that your designers can keep.

They can keep a physical item that reminds them of how much their unwavering dedication and extra effort are appreciated.

Awards and certificates

It also helps to recognize exceptional performance with awards or certificates.

This can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on your team’s preferences and workload.

At Deer Designer, we have a monthly “Designer of the Month” award where we highlight a team member’s outstanding work and dedication.

Awards like these help boost a person’s confidence in their work while also gamifying the experience.

Other designers are motivated to work hard so they can get the award next.

Online courses and workshops for graphic design

Everyone wants to grow in their profession.

It’s a great feeling to know that you’re not only working for the company but also learning new skills and improving the quality of your work.

You want your employees to feel like they are improving themselves while working at your company.

thank you message for designers,2024,graphic design,graphic designer,brand,employee feedback,ultimate guide,design projects,commitment to excellence,dedication to design,unwavering commitment,design process,design work,world of design
Your team can train online through online courses related to their field.

To do this, you can offer access to online courses, workshops, or conferences related to their field.

Other than improving your team’s confidence, investing in your team’s growth also shows that you value their professional development.

In our case, we provide our designers with subscriptions to online learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning, allowing them to take courses that interest them and enhance their skills.

You not only enrich your designer’s experience, but you also make sure that your company’s designs continue to be high-quality and visually stunning, as they have the right skills to keep it up.

Mentorship programs

When working on a team of diverse creatives, you’re bound to have different skill sets and levels of expertise.

One person might be good at logo design while another does better at creating website mockups.

Pairing team members with mentors can help them grow professionally and feel supported within the company.

You can pair senior designers with junior team members, offering constructive feedback, guidance, and support for their work.

This not only helps in skill development but also strengthens team bonds.

Team-building activities

Yes, you can still have team-building activities virtually. There are different options, like online games, trivia contests, or collaborative projects.

I find that this is the time when talent and creativity truly shine.

thank you message for designers,2024,graphic design,graphic designer,brand,employee feedback,ultimate guide,design projects,commitment to excellence,dedication to design,unwavering commitment,design process,design work,world of design
Letting your team have activities outside of work helps them learn more about each other.

You’ll never know what hidden talents your designers have beyond their work.

At Deer Designer, we have discovered different talents through these team-building activities, such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, and even cooking.

We never would have known otherwise!

These activities can improve teamwork, and foster peer recognition.

Offering flexible work arrangements and schedules

Can you imagine working set hours with your every move being monitored?

I personally can’t. It’s just inhumane.

We’re not robots who only work on set tasks non-stop.

We’re human beings with different comfortable working hours.

Some people may breeze through the design process and finish their work faster than others.

If you closely monitor their design work, they’re not going to be more productive.

They will try to do their work slower on purpose so don’t give them more tasks!

This is why we offer flexible work hours at Deer Designer.

These flexible work hours show that you trust your team and understand their need for work-life balance.

This is particularly important for remote workers who juggle personal and professional responsibilities from the same space.

At Deer Designer, we allow our team members to choose their work hours, as long as they meet their deadlines and attend mandatory meetings.

This flexibility helps them manage their time effectively and reduces stress.

Time off and mental health days

Not every day is a great day and everyone needs a break every once in a while.

Encourage your team to take time off to recharge.

It does not take away from your team’s productivity.

If anything, it helps make sure their breaks are anticipated and you can prepare for the time they’re away.

You wouldn’t want to deal with the mess if they suddenly take an emergency leave due to a health problem right when you’re working on a deadline.

Offering paid time off and mental health days lets you care for your team better.

thank you message for designers,2024,graphic design,graphic designer,brand,employee feedback,ultimate guide,design projects,commitment to excellence,dedication to design,unwavering commitment,design process,design work,world of design
Everyone needs a little time to take a break and relax with their mind off of work.

Your team members can take a day off to focus on their well-being without worrying about work.

This will be well-received and appreciated by your team.

Take employee feedback from regular surveys

You never know what people are struggling with unless you ask.

Conduct regular satisfaction surveys to allow your employees to give feedback about their experiences and what improvements can be made in the company.

This also tells your employees that you value their opinions and are committed to enhancing their work environment.

You can send out quarterly surveys to your team, asking for their feedback on various aspects of their work experience.

Regularly review the responses and implement changes based on their suggestions.

The ultimate guide to sending your thank you messages for designers

Showing appreciation to your remote team is not just about sending them a little “thank you” message.

It is also about creating a culture where employees feel valued and recognized for their contributions.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your company culture, improve employee satisfaction, and retain your top talent.

At Deer Designer, a happy and motivated team is the foundation of our success.

By investing in your employees’ well-being and showing genuine appreciation for their hard work, you not only boost morale but also create a loyal, motivated team ready to take on any challenge.

So, take the time to show your remote team how much you value them.

Key takeaways

  • Designers are the unsung heroes of most companies and despite their invaluable contributions, it is easy for them to feel isolated and unappreciated. It is not easy to constantly produce interesting design concepts and marketing materials.
  • Never underestimate the difference a little “thank you” can make. Showing your appreciation for this truly commendable work fosters a positive work environment and helps ensure that your designers are satisfied with their work.
  • Effective communication can be even more challenging when working with a remote team as they are physically isolated from you, but there are still ways for you with a bit of creativity.
  • You can show your appreciation for the dedication of designers by publicly acknowledging their work, sending them a thank you for making major contributions to projects and awarding their accomplishments.
  • Team activities like virtual celebrations, mentorship programs, and team-building activities can also foster creativity and innovation while also fostering a sense of belonging to the team.
  • Offering training courses to help designers upskill ensures that their skill and creativity consistently shine through in every project. They can also learn new innovative approaches to design this way.
  • When you regularly take action on employee feedback, you show your willingness to listen to their struggles and your unwavering commitment to creating a better work environment.