10 mascot ideas for any industry or business

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A mascot or an avatar is an icon (or figure) that represents a certain individual in video games, online forums, and so on.

A well-created mascot can represent your brand in dozens of ways. They can educate your customers, introduce a new service or product, present announcements, and roast your competition.

If you check out this article, “humanising the brand” is a crucial stage in developing a strong brand identity, and for good reason. The more relatable and memorable your mascot is, the more it will connect with your target audience.

The benefits of having a mascot

  • With a visual representation, there is an additional recall or touchpoint for your brand.
  • With a mascot, you get a face for your brand without having to pay an endorser or a celebrity for every campaign
  • A mascot can advertise your products and services in an animated way. That means you can have them dance, do a somersault, travel to faraway countries, wear different clothes, act, and be at your beck and call for advertising and branding campaigns.
deer designer mascot

Things to consider when designing a mascot

Will it help reinforce your brand values?

If the core values of your brand include fun and happiness aspects, then you might want to consider having a mascot designed. But if your service is more corporate and formal in essence, it might be challenging since mascots are usually cartoony and casual.

Will you have many uses for it?

Deciding on a design for a mascot is a long process, especially if you need to have various departments green light it. It will be worth your time if you can use the character design in many ways – not only in social media posts but also on your website, PowerPoint presentations, or employee training.

Is it clear of cultural nuances?

You do not want a publicized mascot to be discriminatory to any race, religion, nationality, or sexual preference. Aside from it hurting your brand, revising it can be expensive. Best to consult with the professionals before finalizing everything.

Ask Deer Designer to get one done for you

Mascots help businesses and startups liven up their brand. They can be fun, playful, and instantly recognizable.

There are so many clever ways to incorporate an avatar into your company and your website, and they can help you grow your brand and your presence on the Internet.

Let us know if you’d like us to get one done for you 😉

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