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11 not-so-Christmassy elements to add to your website this season

setting up the christmas tree decor
Happy Christmas!

Christmas is one of the best holidays to celebrate with family, friends, clients and employees. Many businesses also start to decorate their shop windows and display racks. For website owners, it’s much easier to get into the holiday vibe. Or not?

Check your brand, does it look nice with a bow and a mistletoe?

Many online businesses don’t decorate their online presence with holiday trinkets because the colours and elements of Christmas don’t fit with their brand.

You don’t need to wrap your website with metallic paper or gift wrapping just to look Christmassy. Here are some elements you can use to dress up your website for the holidays without going overboard.

1. Snow

Adding falling snow over your website is a nice touch to signal the start of the festivities. If you use WordPress, a simple plugin can help you for free. Otherwise, you can have your designer draw some snowflakes or snow-related imagery.

2. Change the colours to red and green

Timing is key if you choose to change the colour of your website. Make sure it’s already December or near Christmas Day before you do this or else they’d think you’re rebranding. Remember to put back your original branding after the holidays.

3. Illustrations

You don’t have to change your whole website. You can Introduce a seasonal mascot for the month of December and show it on your key web pages and social media.

4. String of lights

Colourful string lights give a sense of warmth and festivities. Simply add them to your website, blog, or email banners to add a nice touch.

5. Cocoa and gingerbread cookies

Tickle the viewer’s sense of taste by displaying these holiday treats on your website. Focus on their cute and scrumptious designs instead of adding too many Christmas elements to them.

6. Reindeers and pine trees

Deers are associated with Christmas because they’re known to pull Santa’s sleigh. Without showing Santa, having reindeer elements on your website is a cue that you’re ready for December.

Add pine trees to the imagery and you get a nice scenery.

7. Nutcrackers and toys

German folklore says that nutcrackers were given as gifts to protect the home and bring luck to the family. They serve as a nice centrepiece to family dinners and on your website too. You can include other toys since it’s the season of giving.

8. Minimalist

You can never go wrong with adding only minimal design changes to your website. For example, instead of changing the whole look, you can change the icons into Christmas elements that still follow your branding.

9. Winter clothes

If you have photos of real people on your website, the Christmas season is the best excuse to have a new photoshoot with everyone wearing scarves or winter clothes.

Better yet, have your Deer Designer doodle over the photos, saving you time and effort! It’ll surprise everyone in the company!

10. Candies

Candy canes are commonly seen during Christmas. Its red and white stripes can serve as an inspiration to make your website design pop or you can simply add candy canes and other sweets to your digital design.

11. Culture-specific decor

Different countries have unique Christmas decor. For example in Mexico, you’ll see the piñata as a common centrepiece. In China, apples are given as gifts for friends.

You can feature these icons on your website to attract a niche market while sending out a unique vibe to the rest of your visitors.

Have a stress-free holiday!

By decorating your website for Christmas, you’re showing your potential clients and visitors that behind the brand is a person or a team that knows how to celebrate and socialize. Through design, it can look natural and tasteful.

You don’t need to stress about it over the holidays. Have your Deer Designer check your current brand guidelines or website and they can give you options.