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11 simple tasks that only designers can do right

expert designer cartoon illustration

I have a grandpa who loves to watch TV. When his old TV set got busted, we bought him a smart TV. Ever since he’s enjoyed streaming shows. Now, for hours on end, he watches re-runs of sports tournaments and James Bond movies.

One afternoon, I received a distressing call from him, saying he wanted to watch a live stream of a boxing match but he couldn’t find the right channel. I talked to him for about half an hour but he couldn’t locate the icons I was trying to describe.

I was about to lose hope when I remembered that my husband has worked as a call centre agent, assisting elderly customers with their internet modem problems in the past. 

I briefly described the problem to him and asked him to assist grandpa instead. In 5 minutes, the problem was solved.

Design emergency, call an expert!

Web and graphic designers are experts in design tools and digital art. Unsurprisingly, people ask them to do tasks that are usually such a struggle for non-designers but only take a minute or two to solve on a designer’s end.

These tasks may look trivial and yet designers are the only ones who can do them effectively. Check out this list of simple tasks that are super easy for them to do.

Tracing images

Some clients require a specific image as inspiration for an illustration or a logo. Designers can easily trace those and recreate a design from them.

However, making the branding fit for the client is the more challenging part of the task which requires an even deeper understanding of design.

Resizing pictures

Resizing a photo to make it more web-friendly is as easy as 1-2-3. Cropping or making the images smaller are even easier. Many amateurs ruin it by simply cropping and chopping the important parts of the photo. 

Only designers with creative thinking are likely to do this right.

Exporting final assets

After a website design is done, the assets need to be exported to a file type that the web designer can use for web development. Only designers can do this correctly without losing the quality of the exported assets.

Changing colours

Online shops selling apparel usually hire models to wear plain clothes and then ask a designer to recolour the garment so that the customer can be provided with options.

Without the right knowledge of lighting and tools, an amateur will only end up creating a lousy output.

Moving elements

Many non-designers fail to recognize that when they ask to remove or add a photo or detail in a design, the rest of the elements will be affected. They either have to be also moved or removed.

Only a graphic designer can do this without ruining the whole creation, even making it better.

Removing backgrounds

By using the right tools, removing backgrounds can be easy even if the subject is of an irregular shape. Professional graphic designers can zoom in to the teeniest tiniest hair strand to remove the background properly.

relaxed professional designer cartoon illustration
Relaxed designer + Right skills + Right tools = Quality designs

Cleaning photos

In photography, there are times when unwanted things will be captured. Photos are a moment in time and can’t be replicated so it’s better and more economical to have a designer clean the photo instead of scheduling a reshoot.

Fixing typo errors

A typographical error is a branding sin and an eye-sore. It’s also tricky to change because the rest of the characters will move as it is revised.

The spacing and line height need to be adjusted as well so you will need a professional designer to do this.

(Re)Uploading files

Agency owners are busy. This is actually an understatement. So they will have a tendency to lose files even if it’s just on their computer. So when looking for a lost file, they find it easier to ask the designer to reupload or re-share the file.

Deer Designers are trained to be organized with their files too.

Compiling designs

Business owners and managers love to show off designs to their past and future clients. They usually do it by using portfolios or vision boards.

This task may look simple but it’s complex to put different images together cohesively. Professional designers can do this with ease.

Switching placeholder photos

Very often designs need to be updated just by replacing pictures. Sometimes due to a late photoshoot or changes in the marketing direction. Designers can help catch your deadline by easily applying the new photos to your pre-made design.

Invest on expertise

Being able to complete design tasks fast and easy is the fruit of years of training and practice. It’s not because the task is effortless per se but because the designer knows what to do and how to do it properly. This is what clients pay a premium for.

After learning from tons of mistakes, designers know how to create, and revise designs with tools they are trained for. Save yourself from the hassle and get your own design team now!