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12 essential marketing collaterals for a digital marketing campaign

marketing collaterals

When I hear the word collateral, I always think of two things.

One is a movie starring Tom Cruise and another is our family car which was taken by bank representatives years ago. My mom explained that it was collateral for a housing loan we weren’t able to pay for.

Now that I work with marketers, I hear this term more than ever. Surprisingly, the meaning of collateral is different in the marketing industry.

Marketing collaterals are any type of media that is used to communicate a brand’s service or product. It’s an umbrella term for anything that represents a brand.

Posters and merch are collaterals, even celebrities, influencers, or affiliate marketers.

Let’s say you’re going to create a 6-month campaign for the new website of a wellness consulting service in the UK. Do you know what kinds of collaterals you need and how to strategically use them? Let me help.

What are the different types of marketing collateral?

A marketing campaign requires a lot of different marketing pieces. Everything from ads on major social media platforms to handouts for the sales team and business cards for meeting partners. The list seems never-ending.

It is important to remember though that every piece of marketing collateral is important and has its own purpose. There are numerous types, so for this article, I’ll focus on digital marketing collaterals required for an online event.

Here’s the scenario: Your client asked for a website revamp and they also asked you to plan for the relaunch of the website. Not too grand – just enough visibility for everyone to see the new website and the services the wellness advisor is offering.

Let’s look at some of the most important marketing pieces you should have for this kind of event.

Web site design

The new website is the main attraction of your campaign so make sure that it deserves the spotlight. If it has excellent design, functional buttons, and engaging content then you’re good to go. Remember to recheck pre-launch because errors can get through the cracks.

Landing page design

If you’re going to invite current and future clients to an online event, a landing page that will capture all the sign-ups is essential. For automation, link it up with a CRM tool so you can engage with the target market before and after the event.


Aside from the online launch event, you can also publish e-books that talk about the event or that can serve as a hand-out for event participants.

It can be research that you did for your niche or a worksheet your clients can write on. Put tons of value into it so your client willingly gives their active email.

Members Magazines

A sense of exclusivity always elevates a brand. Once you’ve segmented your leads, you can gift your loyal clients or followers with a monthly or quarterly magazine.

You don’t have to get a separate designer for this, coz this is included in our scope of work.

E-mail newsletter design

If you designed a landing page for your campaign, you have to make sure that your e-mail newsletter is on-brand. Make your client’s subscription worth it by sending well-designed emails.

Aside from useful content, provide your readers with eye candy in the form of attractive illustrations.

Blog images

The longer the client stays on the website, the better. You can increase this duration by putting valuable content in your blogs.

Here you can put articles and listicles with engaging and custom-made blog images to highlight your topics and key points.

Social media content

This is where the bulk of the work is and it’s overwhelming especially if you’re going to create graphics for a campaign that will run for 6-months.

That means you have to create and publish original, well-designed graphics every day. Yes, if you want to increase engagement, you have to create content daily.

Can you imagine yourself every day, scrambling to get content out or even missing days because you don’t have anything to post? Planning is key.

If you have a content calendar with the captions in and only the graphics are missing, we can help.

Provide us with design inspiration, plus error-free copy and we can create 6 months’ worth of graphics in only a few days or weeks (depending on your subscription plan).

Social media covers

Remember you can also change the look of all of your social media channels to support the campaign. With this, you need collaterals for the cover and even a display photo.

Grab this as an opportunity to create more touchpoints for your clients.


Concluding an event is only the beginning of a business relationship. Treat your participants to something special as a symbol of gratitude for attending your event.

Prepare e-vouchers you can send to their emails. It can be a free wellness consultation or a discounted rate for a limited time.

PowerPoint Deck

If it’s an online event, you definitely need to beef up your presentation. Don’t be caught dead using images with watermarks or low-quality photos.

If you have finalized your content, you can ask your designer to fix your presentation so it can look great on any screen.

Here’s a tip: If you manage to finish your deck weeks before the event, you can have some of its content as teasers you can release on social media. Create two marketing collaterals with one concept.


An infographic is a bite-sized, ultra-shareable piece of content that instantly gives your brand brownie points if done correctly.

Only a professional designer can design one from scratch because it takes years of skill to simplify tons of information into a nice, clear illustration.

This can double as blog graphics and social media posts. There is an extra step to resize the images but there’s nothing your Deer Designer can’t do (graphic design-wise). 😉

Virtual background

The day of the event has come. This is an opportunity to stay on-brand with a virtual background. Ask your designer to create a background that’s nice to take a screenshot with.

Many of your participants will want a souvenir from the event and this is the simplest one you can give that costs you almost nothing.

zoom call cartoon

Go all out for your clients

Planning an end-to-end marketing campaign is challenging, especially for a small or medium enterprise. You will need all the help you can get but unfortunately, freelancers might let you down.

Sometimes, your plans and strategies are ruined because a designer bailed or they need more money. The solution to this is to subscribe to an on-demand design service as early as you’re planning for the campaign.

You don’t have to limit your imagination on what your campaign can do. You can request all these 11 marketing collaterals to complete your digital launch.

Offer your clients more value by offering to create the marketing collaterals for them through Deer Designer.