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14 ways Deer Designer uses Deer Design

interactive city cartoon

I live right in the heart of the city. Every time I walk home, I go through a row of shops, hardware stores, banks, and bakeries.

On a rainy morning, I took my time walking since my shoes couldn’t grasp the damp pavement. A person emerged from a bank 5 feet from where I stood. I assumed she was an employee because she was dressed in a uniform with the bank’s logo.

As I walked behind her, I noticed her take her wallet from the back pocket and bring out an ATM card.

I remembered it was payday, and I bet she’s on her way to cash her paycheck.

But to my surprise, she did not stop in front of her company’s ATM. She continued walking north and waited in line to use the ATM of a competitor bank.

I feel so bad for the bank where she works. For God’s sake, she’s going to a competitor bank dressed in her company’s uniform!

guilty mug shot cartoon

Customers are loyal to brands, and employees should be even more so. Logically, they are a component of the system that provides the service.

What does it say to outsiders if employees are dissatisfied with their company’s work or brand? I’m willing to wager that whatever it is, it’s not good.

I work for and with Deer Designer and I love it! In Deer Designer, there are tons of ways we use our own services. I utilize them to interact with our clients, workers, and teams.

This list shows many creative ways in which Deer Designer can help you with your design needs.

1. Redesigning our website

Thanks to our creative team, we not only redesigned our website but also create new pages whenever we need to communicate our brand. Check out this recently designed page that tells potential clients about our process.

2. Website banners and lead magnets

When a website is interactive, visitors engage with it more often. And that is what we want for a website like ours, which informs and provides design services.

To get more engagement, we design banners and pop-ups that encourage visitors to subscribe to our newsletter or download lead magnets.

Deer Designer web pop up

3. Our own branding guide

We at Deer Designer walk the walk. If a client does not have a branding guide, we create one for them before beginning any design job. We understand how important this is in creating consistent and on-brand designs, which is why we created one for ourselves.

Deer Designer Brand Guide Sample

4. Article or blog design

We publish articles weekly and send them out in Deer Digest every Friday. If you haven’t already, please subscribe! The graphics and visuals we use there were created completely by Deer Designer.

Deer Designer Blog Layout

5. Showcase our clients’ excellent taste

Our clients continuously wow and challenge us with their design requests. With their approval, we feature our client’s designs on our website and our newsletter as well.

Our clients’ design requirements continue to challenge us. We feature our clients’ designs on our website and in our newsletter with their permission.

Deer Designer Newsletter Layout

6. Shout-out to excellent designers

Whenever our clients rave about the work of our designers, we make sure that everyone in Deer Designer is aware of it it. So we put it up for everyone to see and get inspiration from.

Deer Bulletin Screenshot

7. Increasing social media engagement

Social media posts that get the most engagements are the ones with great pictures or illustrations. Whenever I post on social media, I ask my designer to create an illustration for me to get my message across more effectively.

Oh, and what’s awesome is that I do not have to worry about getting the sizes right. I can request all possible sizes and I will view them all in one well-organized folder.

Deer Designer Instagram

8. Merch design

We just had an internal design contest for our first-ever company shirt, and it was so hard to choose because all of the ideas were made by professional designers! We plan to take a group photo with all of us wearing it, so keep an eye out for that!

zoom call cartoon

9. Internal training

We conduct learning workshops a few times a month at Deer Designer. Senior designers teach tips and tricks to the rest of the team, and since we do it remotely, the trainer leverages design to keep the participants’ attention.

I’m not a designer but boy, these sessions have inspired me to try my hand at it.

Online Training Cartoon

10. Creating infographics

Because data is not our element, whenever we need to present it, we wrap it in the form of an eye-catching infographic. It helps the reader to simply digest the information without becoming weighed down by technicalities.

Why visual content is powerful infographics

11. Designing characters

Illustrations are a big part of Deer Designer’s brand. These characters are used to communicate ideas and to depict individuals.

Thiago, our founder, even has a drawing of himself that you surely couldn’t miss! Can you find him here? Slide to reveal.

Where's Thiago
Where's Thiago

12. Birthday greetings

We love celebrating birthdays and, of course, we send out birthday cards to our team members using our design skills! Okay, so maybe I don’t have the talents personally, but I can ask any of our deer designers and they’d be more than happy to help.

Personalised greeting

13. Presenting a menu

A digital menu is essential for an on-demand design service as it guides potential clients to the best choice for their needs. We also employ our design skills to create a menu of services and guidelines to help our clients.

Deer Designer Prices

14. Client Onboarding Calls (Presentation deck)

We put our best foot forward at Deer Designer. When we perform a Client Fit Call or an Onboarding Call, we present it with a bespoke Deer Designer PowerPoint Deck.

Clients get firsthand experience on how on point we are with our branding, which is a wonderful start to a strong client-designer relationship.

Client Onboarding Call Presentation

As we begin new projects and reach out to more clients, there will be more opportunities to use Deer Designer for Deer Designer.

So, how about you? Have you had a look at our Scope of Services? Maybe you could even start with a design request that you’ve never tried before?

Give it a go!