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45 signs that show you created that design yourself (and in a hurry)

DIY designer struggling
Is this you?

Back when Windows 98 was the fastest computer and you were a cool kid in school handing out burned CDs of your favourite tunes, I’m sure you spent your weekends tinkering with Microsoft Paint.

The year was 1999, and you felt like a design genius since you’re the only one in your class that knew that the “bucket tool only colours within fully closed lines”. Am I right?

This is how your design dreams were born.

Now back to the future, your design ambitions have gotten bigger in the year 2021. However, your design skills remain unchanged. You occasionally try to create designs on your own for your company and clients, but you are not that successful.

I give up meme

Signs of an amateur, sloppy and haphazard design show at the planning stage and become more evident as you attempt to complete the design task.

Think about it: Are you guilty of any of these below?

  1. You are (still) considering doing it in MS Paint
  2. You watched a ton of YouTube videos about “How to make a logo”, “How to create a web design” and “Design 101”
  3. You tried to get inspiration online but limiting it to the things you know you can do
  4. Still ended up with nothing
  5. You discovered an app but had to uninstall it because it can’t do what you need it to do
  6. Your desk is rearranged for “ultimate productivity”
  7. You didn’t know how to add a layer in Photoshop
  8. Popped a bottle of champagne after you learned how to add a layer, after clicking randomly for 5 minutes
  9. Too many layer styles!
  10. Oh yeah, I can draw over the image now!
  11. Cried because you can’t do it again
  12. Slammed your unresponsive mouse multiple times
  13. Googled how much a digital pen and tablet costs
  14. Never mind, too expensive. Sorry mouse.
  15. Alignment does not exist
  16. Grids unfollowed
  17. Oh, I can use grids?!
  18. The aspect ratio is wonky
  19. The logo is missing
  20. Photos are outstretched
  21. Images are pixelated or distorted
  22. There are ghost pixels
  23. Googled what ghost pixels are (and getting lost in research again)
  24. Inconsistent padding
  25. What is paddi… Stop googling!
  26. Too many fonts
  27. Bad font pairings
  28. No branding! You have no clear objective on what the design is for
  29. Off branding. There is a brand but the message is not communicated well to the target market
  30. You chose the colours based on your mood (or your boss’)
  31. Too much colour
  32. The copy looks like WordArt because of too much use of drop shadow, radiant glows, and embossing effects
  33. Text or content is not readable
  34. You considered minimalism as a theme (because you can’t make it better)
  35. You did your best to make it look pretty but it did not solve the client’s problem. ☝️ Aesthetic over solution
  36. You wonder why the image is ok but pixelated on Instagram
  37. You try to resize in a different app but you do it again and again for all the other platforms
  38. The finished product looks like an overbaked Mr. Potatohead
  39. Or it looks a lot like the competitor’s ad
  40. Or it looks abstract
  41. You panic when the client asks for a raw working file because (1) you don’t have it and (2) if you do, they will find out what you did, which is… nothing!
  42. To extend the deadline, you make up an elaborate story involving your cat, a glass of water, and your grandma
  43. You psych yourself that you might not get paid for this
  44. You curl up in a corner and sob
  45. You finally sign up with Deer Designer.

designer for hire,DIY,DIY design

Now that your design dreams have gotten bigger, you need an even bigger designer partner to catch up with your vision. You do not have time to learn new tools and now, with the speed of innovation, time is of the essence.

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