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5 reasons why Deer Designer is NOT for you

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When your business grows, your demands and needs also grow.

If you are a ballet dancer and your feet grow in size, you buy new shoes even if you have a lucky pair you have been using since your pee wee years. 

Then, when you apply for a job in the city, you’ll buy heels or a corporate pair to wear to the interview.

You will wear shoes that are right for the job and for the event. The same goes for your business. As your company grows, its design needs will also change.

Even though we (Deer Designer) get design work done professionally, we may not be the right fit for your company’s marketing or growth strategy at any given time. So before you sign-up, here’s what you should consider first.

Deer Designer is not the best on-demand design service for you if:


You only require one-off projects


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If you need ad-hoc design work, signing up for a subscription-based service will be a waste.

Deer Designer gives a better value to people and companies with ongoing design needs such as web agencies, marketing teams, start-ups, and the likes.

With Deer Designer, you can request as much design work as you need, for a flat monthly fee.

Now, if you think you might need additional design tasks, even if you start with a single project, you’ll find out that Deer Designer can handle a ton of design tasks for you (or your clients).

👉 Check out a more comprehensive list of things we can do here.

You don’t know what you want

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We’d love to give you fantastic suggestions about what to use in your designs, but at the end of the day, this is your brand.

To channel the designer’s imagination into your ideas, your vision must be expressed clearly and with lots of examples and inspiration.

We can follow your directions down to the slightest detail.

And while we will always propose what we believe to be the best according to our experience, all of our recommendations are subject to your approval.

This is why you need to know exactly what you want to see.

Since we offer unlimited revisions, you’re able to request a hundred or more changes on a single request. We will gladly oblige, but we would appreciate it if you could tell us what you want and need the first time.

We’re not in the business of wasting time – neither yours nor ours. The faster we get your design work done, the faster you get brand visibility.

You don’t have time to give feedback

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If you send your instructions once, leave it to the designer to figure them out, and then expect a fantastic output for that one and the next 100 tickets, you’ll fail.

Our focus is on building a relationship between clients and their design team.

And since designers are not mind-readers, the only way for your team (that knows nothing about you in the first moment) to learn your preferences, is through your feedback.

A design service, like Deer Designer, needs constant feedback to ensure you’re liking the designs and to change anything that needs to be improved.

Feedback is particularly important because each design request may have a distinct target audience and goal.

This is also tied to reason #1. Since you’ll probably send in lots of design requests, design teams need feedback to get it right often and save you time.

We are going to be in a relationship, so that means an open line of communication is critical for the success of any project or campaign.

Giving feedback should be quick and simple. Painless, really. That can be done anytime during our email exchanges for specific tickets and even for future projects and requests.

Now, if you can’t be bothered to spend 3 to 5 minutes letting them know what you like (or dislike) about the designs you got back, Deer Designer is not going to be a fit for you.

You want it all, and you want it now

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When you request design work, your account manager, your designer, and your quality analyst discuss your brief and make sure everything clear and complete.

If there’s nothing missing and they don’t need any clarification on it, your designer starts working their magic.

As soon as your designs are done, the QA matches the designs against your request and, if everything is up to standards, we send the designs back to you.

As you can see, we have a process. And great quality takes time.

If you need everything for yesterday and can’t wait 1 business day to get your designs back, Deer Designer won’t be for you.

Besides, it’s impossible to get a full-time designer at this price point. With Deer Designer, you do share your designer with a couple of other clients.

However, we have the lowest client-designer ratio in the industry, since our focus is on quality rather than speed. We don’t want to just rush things out of the door for our clients.

You doubt it? Don’t take my word for it. Feel free to read reviews from our clients.

Having said that, as long as you have something in your pipeline, you’ll get daily updates on the progress of your tickets. Here is a quick reference to know how long it takes to get design tasks done.

You like to DIY (Do It Yourself)

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Creative people have a hard time asking people to do things for them because they need to be in control. Someone else just “doesn’t get it right“.

You won’t have to worry about that because our Deer Designers are battle-tested experts.

And if something slips through the gaps, there is a whole squad of multi-skilled designers, account managers and quality analyst heroes in the background to look after your design requests.

But if you rather spend your time doing the design work yourself instead of focusing it on managing the business, or finding new clients, or anything else that, you know, you’re supposed to be doing, we’re not going to be the best fit for you.

You have to ask yourself, are you really a DIY person? Or do you have trust issues?

If it’s the latter, we won’t be able to help you. Sorry.

Time to move on

Deer Designer has a lot to offer for start-ups and small and medium companies that want to look big. 

We provide an on-demand design service that helps you grow when your business is scaling and needs more design work done. We are fast, reliable, and professional.

If you decide THAT’S what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.