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5 ways to make your T-shirt Merch profitable

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My 4-year-old likes watching game streamers on YouTube. One of his favourite YouTubers sells t-shirt merch, so I bought one for him as a gift and he asks to wear it every time he plays online games.

It must be the magic that one feels when one wears their favourite piece of clothing, don’t you think?

T-shirt business opportunities are just sitting around the corner. T-shirts for advocacies, reunions, campaigns and the list goes on.

T-shirts are the go-to essential clothing article, and for sure, almost every person owns one in their closet.

You should consider releasing t-shirt merch to advertise your brand. While you’re at it, you can even start your own t-shirt printing business and help thousands more brands that need their names on the backs of as many people as possible.

This article will present five reasons why any brand can launch a profitable t-shirt line.

Investing is low-risk

Any person will eventually need a customized t-shirt to wear for any event. When people can relate to a t-shirt design, be it a mantra, movement, or quote, the demand for your products will increase dramatically.

Eventually, if it has become a hit internally, this project can provide extra income.

Any design might be profitable, even the memes

Benny Hsu had a winning design that took him five minutes to edit in Photoshop. “It was stupidly simple. It was just a cute message I found on Instagram and targeted toward pediatric nurses,” said Hsu.

Any t-shirt line will be as successful with the right audience and design. If you have an internal company joke, you can have it printed on a shirt. Have it beautifully designed so your employees will be proud to wear it.

Upsell by offering design services

If you’re starting with your merch printing business, and you receive a request for a terrible t-shirt design, are you itching to redesign it from scratch just so it will look better?

This is an opportunity to tap Deer Designer and upsell to your clients. Our scope of work includes merch design and we can even redesign the company’s logo. Not only will your client get new shirts but a new, better-looking brand. Thank us later.

T-shirt sales have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic

Adobe Analytics data showed that T-shirt sales from online stores sky-rocketed to 47% in April 2020.

One reason for this phenomenon is the convenience of online shopping. Another reason is the change in lifestyle of the people. Since most people are in a stay-at-home setup, people prefer comfortable and cozy wear like t-shirts.

People just love customizable items

According to Deloitte research, one in five buyers who expressed an interest in customized products or services are willing to pay a 20% premium. Around 50% of them believed personalized items can make great gifts.

You won’t have to pay upfront for the product, buy printing equipment, or worry about the supply of customized prints.

A print-on-demand supplier on the technical parts of the printing process, fulfillment, and delivery. All you need to process is the T-shirt design, and it will be ready for sale.

Print-on-demand supplier + on-demand design service = profit 🤑

T-shirt Merch Design Samples

Design a line, not just a shirt

The biggest mistake that I see businesses make when making t-shirts for their business is not having a plan for what to do with them.

By planning ahead and knowing what you are going to do with your shirts, you can have a very profitable side business.

Design for a long-term purpose, not just for one event. The design can be supportive of your marketing targets for the year or your overall hiring campaign.

A shirt can have multiple purposes aside from keeping bodies warm.

Selling t-shirts today or releasing your own brand’s merch can be profitable aside from its usual marketing purpose. All you need is a high-selling design that would fit your company branding.