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5 ways web redesigning can increase revenue

website redesign design sample

Most businesses, after having a website created, abandon it as if it can function on its own.

This is a problem since a study by a marketing services company shows 80% of customers will research a company online before visiting it. Similarly, a Stanford University study reveals that customers will judge a company’s credibility by its website design.

You took a peek at your website, didn’t you?

Squid Game Red Light Green Light Game
I saw you move. Gotcha.

What did you see? Outdated content? Obsolete designs? Broken links?

If your website isn’t up to standard, you risk making a wrong first impression on your market.

With the speed of technology, visitors often relate website inactivity to poor customer service. Simply because the website is now considered a business’ storefront.

Remember your favourite store in the mall and how the window gets a new look as the season changes?

They are redesigned not just to celebrate the season but to also show passers-by that the shop is alive and thriving with a constant flow of activity, sales, and stocks.

You want to achieve the same feel with your website, especially now that constant online presence has become a need.

window shopping cartoon design sample

In your mind, there is a little voice that says: Why fix something that isn’t broken?

I hear you. A website’s primary purpose is to be your 24/7 spokesperson. Now if your spokesperson cannot convince people to buy, then it is broken.

Even though most companies today understand the importance of their website design, many of them delay making substantial changes due to cost or time restrictions. This results in numerous opportunity losses.

If your website isn’t yielding a considerable portion of your sales-qualified prospects, it’s time to revamp it.

How does redesigning your website help you boost your sales?

By “redesigning” we mean making your website more pleasing to the eyes, ensuring the messaging is clear and with a better user experience.

It shows the business’ credibility

When customers visit your website, they judge your credibility based on the layout. As a result, if your present style is outdated, people will perceive you as backward and uninventive. You lose sales for your company because of this misconception.

People like novelty from time to time. Enhancing the appearance of your website may improve its trustworthiness, which can bring more significant sales for your business.

It helps visitors to get what they need, fast

Your existing and prospective customers will leave your website immediately if they don’t find what they need, whether it is information or a specific item. You’ll lose a bunch of sales if your website’s navigation looks confusing to them.

A website that provides a good experience with outstanding design, on the other hand, keeps visitors on your site. Your website will be the go-to place for your customers if you provide easy navigation and aesthetics.

online shopping design sample

Your visitors will engage more in a website that puts them first

You’ll be inclined to boast on your website all the things your company can do to change the world, and yada yada yada. But there are better ways to show what you can do, instead of just saying it.

Have you had a friend who talks and talks for hours about themselves?

Are they still your friend? 🤭 I bet you’re avoiding them like a plague. 🏃‍♀️

If your website sounds a lot like your “friend”, revamp it.

The solution is to consider your customers first. This means putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and checking out your website carefully if it’s indeed helpful and easy to use.

It captures the mobile market

In 2023, more than half of all people in the world will be equipped with a smartphone. A huge percentage now use their phones to shop, research, and more. This is the reason why websites must also be mobile-friendly.

This is a commonly overlooked design problem. A website can be a beauty on a laptop but awful on mobile. Always make sure that your designs are optimized for smaller screens.

using mobile internet cartoon

It gives you a reason to reach out to more people

Your website doesn’t need a full makeover every time. A simple or minimal design change that is fit for the season can work wonders like adding some summer elements or adding Christmas icons, for instance.

Whenever you do, you can invite your customers to take a peek at your website to see the new designs. They will be entertained and in turn, you get more traffic to your website – and they might make a purchase too. It’s a win-win!

Choose from a variety of options

Ask your designer to create web design variations or even small illustrations for you to add to your website and freshen up its looks. I encourage you to redesign soonest like other companies this coming new year.

Website revamps can be frightening to do, especially if you haven’t done them for a long time. Updating your site sooner may have a significant impact on your business and clients, and that is worth investing in.