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6 Tips in choosing e-newsletter design ideas

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E-mail marketing is a relationship-building tool. Being able to directly send communications to your client’s inbox is winning half the marketing battle. You like them and they like you… closing a sale will be easier now, right? Right?!

Reality check: Many email newsletters fail.

Sending out a weekly or monthly email sometimes feels just like a waste of time. You send them out religiously, but when you look into the stats, you realize no one is even clicking on what you sent. 😭

Most times, the issue is not with the receiver, but the sender. You might be doing something wrong.

Many customers are turned off by unappealing subject lines, crappy content, and off-brand graphics.

It is time to revisit your email marketing strategy because email will continue to thrive in 2021 and beyond. There are no signs of stopping according to Forbes.com.

However, the fight for attention will be tougher over the next 12 months so you need to put more value and thought into your e-mailers.

Publish with a purpose + a nice design

You shouldn’t just make a newsletter just for the sake of it. Try and conduct extensive analysis on what your target market could enjoy and what your business is well-suited to provide. But take note, if your content is amazing but with a crappy design, it will be ignored.

Here are 6 Tips in choosing e-Newsletter design ideas

Each newsletter is unique, and what tends to work for one company may not work for another. That doesn’t mean that you can’t browse specific designs to take a peek at how your email competition thrives. As a result, you’ll be able to tailor this input to your particular market.

It’s all about matching

Your email newsletters should have a similar style to your website. Clients appreciate these mailings because they know they are coming from a credible source. Not only that but there’s less friction when the experience is seamless.

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Source: Ampjar

Play around with the colours

Colour gradient style aspects are now popular. Colour gradients are used by several well-known designers while creating newsletters. Such layouts improve the content’s legibility and display quality.

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Source: Litmus

Make good use of graphics

The mix of text and visuals in a well-designed newsletter is ideal. 

Images immediately capture a recipient’s interest when they open your email. You can draw in your client while also improving the efficacy of your message by using relevant imagery and illustrations.

newsletter design samples
Source: Design Shack

Choose only standard typefaces

Legibility is the most essential factor to consider when choosing typefaces for your newsletter. Make use of simple typefaces.

Remember, when too many typefaces are used simultaneously, the result is a crowded and unorganized appearance that might quickly distract the user. Choose at least one or two typefaces for your exclusive newsletter, and stick with it.

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Get it right with a clear and orderly layout

To minimize interruptions and keep your audience’s interest from start to finish, keep everything clean and straightforward.

newsletter design samples
Source: Dribbble

Keep your text to a minimum

Planning the proper material and how many distinct subjects you’ll cover is critical, with dwindling people’s attention spans.

Every single day, countless individuals receive numerous email newsletters. Consider your own mailbox and the newsletters you’ve unsubscribed from.

newsletter design samples
Source: Pinterest

Bring value to your client’s inbox

An email newsletter’s purpose is to entice your subscribers to give you their money. Your e-newsletter is for them, not to simply boost your brand. Use emails to provide value and establish relationships with your clients.

The best tip I can give is to have well-thought-of content and a clear, orderly style that makes it simple for the client to consume your material.

I wish these ideas inspired you to produce emails that your clients would like to receive in their mailboxes. These will definitely freshen up your layout, improve legibility, and create an email newsletter that your subscribers will eagerly await.