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Best of both worlds: designers vs non-designers

designers vs non-designers miscommunication
Connect with designers using these terms

I read a simple story about the initiative to connect.

This guy shared his Lyft experience on social media. He narrated that one time when he booked a ride, there was a notification saying that the driver was deaf, and provided a link to basic hand signs he could use to communicate.

When the ride arrived, the passenger greeted the driver with a hand sign and he saw his face lit up. There was nothing special about the ride but the passenger felt warm that his effort to connect was reciprocated.

Designers have their own language and it’s fascinating how some terms are not quite the same for non-designers. They’re not talking in code, these are just the tools they often use to create design magic.

For a bit of fun, here are some terms that differ in meaning in the design world. You can use them to strike a conversation with designers. Watch their faces light up when they learn that you actually know a bit about their world.