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Black web design ideas made by Deer Designer

designer creating an all black or monochrome inspired web design
Black is a classic in any design.

My brother only wears shirts that are black. He says it makes him look skinny. And sometimes it really does, which fits his persona as a guitarist in a band. 

My co-worker always wears black to work because he says that’s the only colour that hides his sweat stains.

Now, my cousin is very superstitious, so she avoids anything black. If she sees a black cat, she’ll take a longer way home to avoid any bad signs. 

Personally, I don’t like it when my son wears black because mosquitoes seem to be more interested in him when he does.

On the other hand, I like black coffee.

The colour black is versatile and useful in the design industry. It supplements and contrasts other hues, making the design more interesting. Let me talk about this classic and mysterious colour and show you how you can use it in your designs.

The psychology of black

People can have very different reactions to the colour black.

According to Hermann von Helmholz, a German scientist, “Even though it’s caused by the lack of light, black is a real feeling. The feeling of black is very different from the feeling of having no feelings at all.”

Positive thoughts

Some people have good thoughts about the colour black, like class and elegance.

The colour is very chic. That’s why so many people who go to fancy events wear black clothes. This is also why logos for expensive brands like Tiffany & Co. and Chanel are black.

When it comes to high society, the colour black has been linked to power for a long time. From priests to judges and from tuxedos to credit cards, everyone has a story. We shouldn’t forget about Steve Jobs either.

Steve Jobs wearing black turtleneck uniform
Steve Jobs was known to wear a black shirt as a uniform.

Negative perceptions

Many people have a perception that black means bad. This dark colour has always been associated with death and everything negative. That it makes people feel angry, aggressive, scared, and sad.

Our words probably show the strongest link between black and bad things. Just think about these common phrases: Black Death. Dark magic. Blackball. Blackhole. Black-hearted. Blackmail. Black market. Blackout. One could keep going.

Black designs by Deer Designer

A designer can manipulate black to fit the emotion you want to exude in your designs. Technical, music and professional industries prefer black (or dark colour palettes) like the designs we made:

Black is timeless

You can never go wrong with black but a word of caution, you will need a professional designer to create stunning monochromatic designs. 

Feel free to ask your Deer Designer team to create black-themed design variations for you to choose from.