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Here’s what Facebook Ad Graphics should look like

facebook ads cartoon
Facebook ads are critical to the marketing plan

Creating a Facebook Ad with the wrong design size is totally frustrating.

When I created my first Facebook ad, I made the nicest-looking square design I could with a D-I-Y app. I then earnestly put in all the Facebook ad details until I hit a roadblock with the design I prepared.

In fact, I needed two more sizes if I wanted my ad to show up in stories, reels, and affiliate websites. Facebook wouldn’t approve the ad if the image size is wrong.

I could crop it within the website but it left out all the important information. I had no choice but to re-do my design and waste another day before I had the ad published.

To get the guesswork out of creating images for Facebook ads, here’s a simple guide for making the design. To increase the efficacy of the ads, make sure that the designs you use meet the following criteria:

Make people take action

Call-to-action buttons take the customer to the next step of the purchasing journey and it must always be highlighted. Putting a button on a Facebook image is confusing. If a user taps it, it will only zoom in on the design.

As a workaround, your design can assist in directing the viewer’s attention to Facebook’s native, clickable call-to-action button. This call to action encourages people to respond to your offered brand or services by taking action.

cartoon pointing at call to action button

Have a captivating headline

Headlines are used to emphasize deals and sales. After all, people like getting deals, discounts, and other deals, right? It increases the chance of your customers stopping their thumbs from scrolling.

Unfortunately, not every social media user reads all the details in a Facebook ad, most often they only skim. So it’s important for the Facebook ad image to have a headline. Makes sure it’s well-designed so it doesn’t ruin the whole look.

Display the right branding

To reinforce your brand with your clients, use the right fonts and colours on a consistent basis. A minor change or inconsistency will confuse and even call into question the authenticity of the work.

justice league marvel disney knock off toys bootleg rip off lawsuits
Sense of Right Alliance, assemble! Wait, what?

As I mentioned in my article about The Rule of 7, social media is one touchpoint where the brand should be on point. Make sure your brand stands out among the hundreds of others advertising on Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried that using the same colours or layout will make your designs boring and redundant. A professional designer can help in creating a campaign that is both on-brand and interesting.

Have the right dimensions

The Facebook ad level is the easiest to set up but also the trickiest if your images are not the proper size.

If you publish the ad with the incorrect image size, it will be cropped automatically. It is advisable to have the entire image resized to keep all the important elements.

Because I was used to seeing square images in Facebook, I used a square canvas for my design. It turns out, if I wanted my ad to show up in stories, reels and in affiliate websites, I needed 2 more sizes.

To begin, create an image of the appropriate size so that you can achieve the best possible results. Here are the three image sizes required for Facebook ads:

  1. 1200x1200px or 1:1
  2. 1920x1080px or 9:16
  3. 1080x608px 1.91:1

*as of June/2022

facebook ad image size requirements
Facebook ads image sizes


You can create an A/B test on Facebook where you can publish variations to measure the effectiveness of your creatives. Creating multiple design options may be time-consuming for you, but it is a breeze for your professional design team.

Allow your Deer designer to create alternatives so you can conduct A/B tests and determine which designs will receive the most clicks and engagements. Then you can create more of the winning design in the future.


If you plan to advertise on Facebook, you should make sure that your design is well-made and in the right sizes.

The most important factor is to use the highest quality image possible for your advertisements. It is critical that your ad design is eye-catching and doesn’t get lost in the newsfeed amongst other advertisements and posts.

As always, have these designs created by a professional so you can focus on other aspects of your business.