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How to find a designer who specializes in bespoke design

beautiful girl wearing custom made dress
Customers are willing to pay a premium for bespoke design (whether it is clothing, art, or anything else).

I watched a behind-the-scenes coverage of a music video by a local artist. It featured interviews with the entire cast and production crew. They discussed how they overcame the challenges of creating an international-quality music video.

They used the same equipment as big production houses, and the set design and props were expensive and custom-made. The stylist was particularly proud that none of the singer’s outfits was RTW (ready to wear).

The music video was about a rich girl who wanted a genuine relationship rather than money. According to the stylist, store-bought clothes would not be part of any self-made millionaire’s wardrobe that the singer was attempting to portray.

Personalized design adds value to a person’s or a company’s image or brand.

Reasons why a company needs bespoke design

A strategic investing opportunity

Running a business is a long-term commitment that requires consistent marketing efforts to stand out amongst competitors. You need designs that will endure the test of time as well as copyright police.

If you copy from the Internet or use a DIY logo generator, expect to come across another company with a similar logo. Who will give in? Are you going to ask that they change their logo because it resembles yours?

You may find yourself changing your logo just a few days before a launch. It’s going to be a nightmare. Starting with bespoke design is strategic. You are confident that you own your brand until it becomes well-known.

Brand Consistency

Custom design is also a powerful marketing tool. Remember that your company branding starts with the logo and continues through all aspects of your marketing collateral, such as brochures and flyers.

Something must first take root in order to flourish. A brand cannot grow in the minds of your target market if you constantly uproot it by not putting the logo or changing the look of your ads.

You can accomplish that by adhering to your brand guidelines. A reliable designer knows how to create and follow this guide.

Boost Sales and Market Position

People buy from people (or brands) they know, like, and trust. These three elements are achievable through custom design. Being custom-made highlights uniqueness and authenticity.

Authenticity is essential for any brand. You can clearly show authenticity for your brand to be more relatable to your niche through tailored design. Regular engagement allows you to close more sales deals and generate more revenue.

hiring designers,online designer,on-demand design,designer for hire
Illustrations are perfect examples of custom design

How to choose design services for bespoke design

Designers can make your ideas come to life by combining art and technology. They have a wide range of artistic skills that they can apply to a variety of design projects.

However, hiring a great designer for your company is a lot easier said than done.

Designers will say and do things to win your favour because they want the job. Business owners quite often drown in an excessive amount of applications and portfolios. The question is, what are the initial factors to consider?

Here’s a rundown of the most important characteristics to look for.

Outstanding creativity

Because design involves art, a designer must have a creative soul. A good designer must always apply creativity to each of their designs, as well as keep up with the latest trends.

Creativity is hard to measure, especially at the interview level. Applicants may look very creative in their portfolios, but not on the job. It is better to sign up for an on-demand design service with creative design teams in this case.

Design teams can produce options for you to choose from, and they can enlist the support of others in their squads for more complex designs. With this structure, you get the creative brainpower of a team rather than just one designer.

Problem-solving ability

Designers are problem-solvers. They have the artistic ability to turn a boring design into something interesting. This is especially true for products, brands, or services that are difficult for consumers to understand.

Look for someone who can translate ideas into designs. Only professionals are capable of doing so because they have extensive knowledge and tried-and-true skills.

Professionals, as opposed to amateur designers who only follow orders, can provide you with options and high-quality designs.


Long-term success in the design process requires patience. It takes time and effort to create the right design and pay attention to detail in order to please a client.

It can be terrifying at times, but a reliable and consistent designer will continue to deliver the designs you require even when faced with obstacles.

A designer must be patient in the face of questions, feedback, criticism, and a long list of revisions. You can always go with on-demand services that provide unlimited revisions, allowing you to request changes until you’re happy with the final output.

On-demand design service is the key

Deer Designer meets all of the above criteria. We create bespoke designs for all of our clients because we understand that small and medium-sized businesses need custom designs to look big.

Being perceived as a copycat is the last thing a company wants to be known for.