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How to grab attention with custom illustrations (feat. Thiago)

Custom illustrations - Thiago with crowd in background
Custom illustrations make the brands we know and love more human.

You won’t believe what I found out about Deer Designer’s CEO, Thiago. You know how he hates being the center of attention? 

Well, it turns out that whenever he gives those awesome pep talks and drops truth bombs in our internal meetings, we could totally share them on social media.

Here’s the twist, though: he’s not into the whole fame game yet. The only time he lets himself shine is when he’s giving a talk at an event for agency owners and marketers. Crazy, huh?

Thiago’s not the only one who’d rather have his business in the spotlight than himself. It looks like most business owners, including you, are the same way. But there’s some cool data I found that might change your mind.

Check this out: When you’re scrolling through Instagram, comparing top entrepreneurs to their brands, there’s a neat little trend that shows up. Flick through the photos below and see it with your own eyes:

The numbers have spoken. Garyvee has more followers than his company, Vaynermedia. Mark Zuckerberg has 7.4 million more followers than Facebook and people would rather follow Bill Gates than Microsoft.

When it comes to building an online presence for the company, it turns out that people are more likely to follow the founder than the actual company itself. Putting yourself out there is a crucial part of growing your business.

But hold up, I’ve got an awesome alternative for you if the thought of that gives you the heebie-jeebies: custom illustrations!

Imagine this: you can have super cool illustrations of yourself that are totally personalized, and you can use them to enhance your branding.

Just like Thiago did in the illustrations below, you can rock out, bust some moves, give an epic speech, or showcase your processes, all without having to practice, memorize lines, or worry about making mistakes. How cool is that?

In this crazy online world, getting noticed is no easy feat. But fear not; custom illustrations are here to save the day. Let’s dive into how these eye-catching visuals can help your digital marketing efforts shine and succeed!

Visual differentiation and brand recognition

Picture this: in a sea of bland stock images, your brand stands tall with your own unique illustrations. Custom visuals make you instantly recognizable and memorable, setting you apart from the competition. Be different, be you!

Emotional appeal and storytelling

Humans are suckers for emotions and great stories. Custom illustrations let you tap into that magic. Whether it’s with quirky characters or vibrant scenes, these visuals evoke feelings that stick. Connect with your audience on a deeper level!

Custom illustrations - Thiago hugging a child

Make them walk, make them talk, illustrations can tell a story about your brand.

Enhancing user experience and user interface 

When it comes to your website or app, the user experience is everything. Custom illustrations make it a breeze. They guide users, provide hints, and add that extra sprinkle of fun. Your interface will go from meh to marvelous!

Brand consistency across platforms 

Keeping your brand’s image consistent is a must. Enter custom illustrations! They’re the secret sauce for maintaining a cohesive vibe across your website, social media, and ads. Be recognizable wherever you go!

Custom illustrations - Thiago with different channels laptop cellphone print

Make your brand visible in all platforms using illustrations.

Shareability and virality 

We all love things that go viral, don’t we? Well, custom illustrations have that potential, my friend! When your visuals strike a chord, people can’t resist sharing them. That means more eyes on your brand. Talk about free promotion!

Custom illustrations - Thiago teaching design quote

You can share your thoughts and insights through illustrations.

We like to move it, move it!

Did you know that illustrations are the foundation of animations? You can ask your Deer Designer to create animation-ready illustrations, specifying the movement you want, and have your animator or editor create a video out of them.

Thiago OK sign animation loop

In this crazy fast-paced world of online marketing, grabbing attention is the name of the game. Lucky for you, custom illustrations are here to make it happen!

With their unique identity, emotional appeal, improved user experience, consistent branding, and shareability factor, they’re your secret weapon to more content without the sweat.