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23 problems that designers solve for your company

designer with art tools and angel wings
Your company deserves a design angel who can save you from design problems.

My husband wanted to buy an expensive bed cover for our pickup truck. It would completely cover the back of the vehicle, transforming the bed into a massive trunk.

I was against it. I insisted that pickup trucks are designed with an open-air bed to transport bulky items. We couldn’t fit boxes, mattresses, and the fridge if we bought this cover. (We used to move around a lot, so…)

“What will happen to our belongings if it rains?” he asked.

“We could just cover it with a tarp from the dollar store,” I said dismissively.

We took a 2-hour drive to see our relatives one day. I packed chilled drinks for us in a cooler and hand-me-down clothes in a box for my relatives. I loaded them all onto the truck’s bed.

Because it was a hot day, my son asked for a drink while we were stuck in traffic. My husband had no choice but to get out of the vehicle and quickly get orange juice from the back.

“Mommy, it’s warm.” “I don’t like it,” my son grumbled after a sip. Our cooler was turned into a warmer by the midday sun.

After a few hours, the sky became cloudy, and rain began to fall. As the air cooled slightly, everyone in the truck relaxed. It started to rain, but as we drove, the droplets grew bigger and bigger.

The box of clothes!

We were in a middle of an expressway and we didn’t have an opportunity to stop and manually pull down the tarp to shield the box from the rain. All the clothes in the box were drenched.

“When do you want us to buy the bed cover?” I asked my husband after a few minutes of silence (and regret).

Unseen problems, solved!

A purchase or investment may serve more than one purpose, in addition to the obvious. I thought the bed cover was unnecessary because its purpose was simply “to cover,” and there were free or cheaper alternatives. I was completely wrong.

All of the problems that day could have been avoided with the use of a bed cover.

It could have kept the juice cold, kept the box from getting wet, provided peace of mind, secured the items, and kept my husband safe because he didn’t have to stop in the middle of the road to get something from the back.

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Designers don’t just design

Hiring is similar to investing in someone’s abilities. Even if you only hire for one job, this role can have a significant impact on the company.

For example, we may believe that designers only create attractive designs for banners and social media posts, but the truth is that their work fixes more business issues.

Designers solve problems rather than simply creating designs. People who can communicate through images can interact in ways that others cannot. This is due to the fact that they play with the senses of those who consume their work.

The benefits of a designer’s work are felt by the majority of the company’s departments. This article lists 23 design problems that can be solved and how designers contribute to the overall health of the business.

Designers reinforce advertising and branding

Designers create memorable logos, packaging, brochures, and advertisements that reinforce your company’s brand image.

The right design can instantly boost a company’s reputation. It is an investment in a company’s future, and it serves as a constant reminder of how your company presents itself to the public.

Designers tackle problems in advertising and branding such as:

  1. Establishing your company as a reliable web or marketing agency
  2. Showing your clients that you can deliver excellent work
  3. Building a name for your company
  4. Creating a brand that communicates clearly
  5. Making a logo that stands ou
  6. Finding the right fonts
  7. Using colours in your design
  8. Improving your reputation in the design community
  9. Showcasing client testimonials effectively
  10. Putting together a winning portfolio
  11. Preparing a presentation that works


designer angel solving design problems

Designers contribute to sales

Designers make money by selling through the psychology of design. They create conversion-optimized websites. They can also improve the usability and enjoyment of apps. They may not be on the front lines of sales as a person, but their designs are.

Marketing and advertising materials that are well-designed solve problems such as:

  1. Getting more leads or customers
  2. Growing your business through collaboration with brands that can support each other
  3. Making more money through selling the design or service itself
  4. Creating an effective social media campaign
  5. Designing sales pages that convert
  6. Creating a brochure that gets attention
  7. Designing a product packaging that sells

Designers help with recruitment

Designers help companies with the recruitment process, not only with the visual presentation but also with all of the other design elements used in the process.

They enable companies in making a positive impression on their candidates through their designs. Designs can support in:

  1. Finding the right people for your company
  2. Increasing employee morale through company merch

Designers influence client retention

Consistently posting designs and updating your website shows that your business is thriving. This also gives your clients a sense of security. They see and feel that they are working with a growing team or business.

Design can help keep clients in the following ways:

  1. Creating resources (Eg. articles, downloadables) that give value
  2. Going the extra mile with your clients through surveys and newsletters
  3. Establishing a better rapport with your clients with relatable designs and posts

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A designer plays a crucial role in your company

Designers make your website or social media posts look good for the right reasons, not just for the sake of appearance. This is why your designer does so much more than select fonts, colour schemes, and perfect a logo.

Your designer is essentially the brand’s ambassador. They are the ones who ensure that your brand is consistent and does what it says it does with the highest quality.

In-house designers are often the most expensive employees in a company, but their efforts are usually rewarded. However, there are recommended alternatives such as on-demand design services that can do the same or even better job.

Your design team will help you in overcoming obstacles that you may not be aware of. They help you stand out from your competitors (in a good way), engage with your clients, and building trust, and make an impression.