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Inspirations for a letter-based logo (or alphabet logo) for any brand

boy holding different letters
Letters are great sources of inspiration for a logo design

Amongst all the secret service movies I’ve watched, I loved the naming convention used in Men in Black. In case you haven’t seen any of the installments, each agent was named after a letter of the alphabet.

I’m biased towards letters because I’m not a numbers person (sorry, 007). But aside from my superficial reason, letters can contain more meaning than numbers.

For example, the letter K can be a nickname, it can mean a shortened version of “OK”, and it’s also the symbol for the Potassium element in the periodic table of elements. 

Compared to the numeral 1, “one” only means “one”. This being said, you can communicate more with a single letter, which makes it a good anchor for a logo.

Why are letter-based logos effective?

There are lots of possibilities for creating a logo. Letter logos are among the most common things you will see. These have recently gained popularity and are used by a wide range of businesses.

Letter-based logos are effective because they are easy to remember. People will also logically associate your logo with your company name, creating an instant connection in the brain.

This can be beneficial to your business because it will be easier for people to remember, share, and locate your company. Have you ever had a conversation with a friend who is struggling to remember a name?

Friend: – I had the best burger ever at this newly opened restaurant…It has a W for a logo…

You: – Wally’s?

Friend: W…w…

You’re probably going to list all the burger joints you’ve seen that begin with a W.

Imagine this conversation happening a hundredfold over the next few days.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time as a business owner trying to get your name out there. 

A well-designed letter-based logo is good enough for word-of-mouth marketing.

What is the best letter-based logo style?

Although letter-based logos seem to be a trend, they have always been popular. One of the oldest logo styles in history is the letter-based logo.

Letter-based logos have been used for a variety of businesses from the ancient Romans to the most recent logos. It can be seen in the logos of companies such as Coca-Cola, Audi, and others.

Continue reading if you need a new logo and want to select the best letter-based logo style.

Which letters work best in logo designs?

Logos are one of the most important brand representation factors, so it is critical to select a logo that best represents your brand. First, decide which letter(s) to use in your logo.

It makes sense to draw inspiration from your brand name, but will you use a single letter or more? The logos below are of well-known brands where the letters are obvious. 

Keep in mind that the designer created it to highlight their brand archetype using only one letter.

hilton logo mcdonalds logo google logo
(From left to right) Logos of Hilton Hotels, McDonald’s, and Google

You can use all lowercase or uppercase letters, but those aren’t your only options. There are numerous ways to use letters, and each one can mean something different to your brand.

The letters in the examples below are less obvious, but when discovered, they can be quite a treat for those who look closely. A designer can manipulate shapes and lines to bring out the brand from the letters with the right concept and skills.

resorts world logo LG electronics logo volkswagen logo
(From left to right) Logos of Resorts World, LG Electronics, and Volkswagen

Try it for your brand

You can experiment with your logo using an on-demand design service, and if you plan to rebrand, having a letter-based logo is one good option. 

Ask that your design team create as many versions as you need until you find the one that works best for you.

Regardless of the letter you choose to represent your company or organisation, add a new dimension to your alphabet logos. We can design anything from a swirly letter “S” logo to an edgy letter “E” logo with a creative twist.

Consider these logo variations for the letter D. We can make it look edgy, feminine, techy, or colourful. You’ll adore our inspirational letter logos, which are filled with imaginative and one-of-a-kind design concepts for every type of industry.

Keep your brand in mind

A letter alone does not qualify as a logo. It must be dressed up in order to become a brand or have its own personality. You can rely on your Deer Designer to create one for you if you provide some inspiration or a mood board.

The most important thing to remember when creating a logo for your company is to make it memorable and unique! I hope you found some inspiration from this article, whether it’s a letter-based logo or an alphabet letter logo.