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Last-minute gifts you can give your loyal clients

happy client holiday gift design sample
Make your clients happy this season of giving.

How do you make your clients feel you care about their business, besides providing them quality output and excellent customer service?

Here’s the secret sauce: just treat them as people.

Forbes says B2B and B2C are getting outdated. Marketers need to focus on H2H. The marketing trend is geared towards H2H: Human to Human.

The term suggests that you see your customers as humans first and customers second. It also directs you to remember the importance of direct and personal contact.

I agree with this because brands, big or small, are managed by humans, capable of both rational and emotional spending.

3 simple gifting tips

1. Personalize your gifts

If you have decided to give generic gifts to your clients, you can still make it personal by leaving a handwritten note and putting your logo or brand colours.

2. Don’t overdo it

If your client pays you $200 a year for your product or service, and you send them a $300 coffee maker complete with pods of every flavour available in the market – that’s overdoing it.

Keep your gifts in proportion to how much your client spends with you to ensure no one feels awkward about it.

3. Think outside the holidays

Let me go ahead and tell you that if you are pressed for time, you can opt not to give any gifts. It will take a bit more explanation on your side when they give you a gift but yeah, it is doable.

You have the option to send presents outside the typical holiday season. You can avoid the Christmas rush and your gift will not disappear into the pile of the break room or the gift basket’s desk.

Send an “off-season” gift instead and you might even get referrals from your efforts because you showed them you care about their business, not just during Christmas.

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It’s the thought that counts.

Ideas for fast, fail-safe, gifts for clients

The tricky thing about gift-giving is you can’t just give anything but you don’t have time to find a special something either. If you’re out of gift ideas, here are a few fast, fail-safe, client gifting tips:

Food or drinks from local businesses

Food and drinks are great gifts because everyone eats. But make sure that the labels are complete for those who might be allergic to peanuts or milk. Don’t worry, if they can’t consume it, they’ll share it with someone else.

Gift cards and certificates

This type of gift is frowned upon by some, saying that it’s not well-thought-of but hear me out. These gifts are perfect for clients who are busy and practical, especially those who run their own businesses and appreciate anything that adds convenience or relaxation to their day.

Some clients want gift cards more than anything else during the holidays or in any season really, because these can be used whenever needed and without the pressure.

Something practical

Consider gifting your clients something practical. Give a gift that they’ll use every day which will etch you in their daily lifestyle.

These gifts are ideal for any client who commute or travel a lot for work. We actually have 11 options for this one, check out this article.

Hobby kit

You need to know your client on a personal level for this gift to work. This is also a unique gift because you’re giving an experience as a gift.

The pandemic lockdown also opened up ideas for DIY kits to help adults from going crazy at home and actually be productive with something they have been meaning to start.

It was gardening for me, in case you were wondering.

Donations to causes your client cares about

If a material gift is not appropriate, make a charity donation in your clients’ or clients’ company name and let them know what that money will achieve.

It’s a meaningful gesture that communicates your company’s values and at the same time, honours your clients’. A donation in their name is a great way to thank them for their business and contribute to a cause they value greatly.

📌 Remember to put your logo on the gift or at least, a gift card to let the receiver know who to thank. Deer Designer can make one for you.

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Donating to a cause gives two-fold.

Make your mark

Relationships are the most important part of running a business, especially service-based businesses.

The more you invest in nurturing your client relationships, the more likely your clients are to become repeat customers, expand the scope of their projects, and even give you more referrals.

Remember these simple tips and ideas for your next gifting project to help you build and keep that great client-service provider relationship.