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Is a partnership with Deer Designer worth it?

Thiago shake hands illustration 1200x790
Deer Designer and you: match made in design heaven

There was once a brilliant detective. He cracked mysterious, hard-to-solve criminal cases through his ingenious and eccentric ways. But he lived inside his head and was often emotionally detached from the world.

Then came a doctor. Skilled and intelligent, he was in awe of the detective’s skills and persuaded him to let others know of his findings to help law enforcement.

If it was not for Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes would have died a hungry and unknown nobody of 221B Baker Street.

Even though this example is fictional, there is truth in the saying: “Two heads are better than one”.

Watson and Sherlock Holmes Illustration
Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes

Partnership fuels progress

Deer Designer considers clients as partners and not just numbers on a spreadsheet. In exchange for a flat monthly fee, we create designs to represent their company or their client’s. We are the invisible artist hand. We are the Watson to their Holmes.

Many businesses and startups agree that a great partnership can take a company to greater heights. Forbes.com even created a list to help any entrepreneur choose the right business partner.

8 traits of a successful business partner

  1. Passion: Your partner and yourself must have similar values, entrepreneurial spirit, working styles, and compatibility.
  2. Openness: A business partner that is direct can bring honest feedback to any situation.
  3. Industry knowledge: Look for potential business partners that have a firm understanding of the industry.
  4. Strong Work Ethic: When the going gets tough and ideals are challenged, your ideal business partner’s support must not fade.
  5. Stamina: Arguments are unavoidable but both of you must stay focused on the problem at hand.
  6. Diversified Business Skills: Your core values should be discussed and understood early on, so when rough waters arrive, you can lean on each other.
  7. Previous Successful Experience: Look for a partner with a proven track record managing similar companies or startups.
  8. Dedication to growth: Find someone who is dedicated to your vision and purpose. Someone who is invested in “seeing it through.”

Do you really need a partner for your design needs?

super busy multitasking client illustration
Does this look like you?

Are you building a website? Or is your business in need of logo design or branding? Perhaps you need it for your clients?

If you are thinking of outsourcing the work to a freelancer or an in-house designer, you may want to reconsider.

If you’re a startup, you may think that hiring a professional designer is a luxury. After all, you’re just starting out and you’re not making any money yet.

I know what you’re thinking so let me stop you right there.

No, you cannot do everything on your own. Your business needs you, do not burn yourself out.

If you’re serious about your product and your business, hiring a professional designer is a no-brainer, but I have a word of caution:

Employees, freelancers, and in-house designers are not business partners

Go back to the list above.

  • Can you expect a $5 logo maker to be dedicated to your company’s growth?
  • Can you expect a freelance artist to suddenly learn how to create web design because you need it?
  • Will a fresh design graduate be open to you if you wanted an outrageous, complex design for your website?

Yeah, I wasn’t betting on it. If by any rare chance you find someone that has all those 8 traits, be ready to give them the salary of a business partner.

on-demand design service
On-demand design services

Why not use an on-demand design service?

On-demand design service providers are becoming more and more popular these days, but are they really worth the partnership? I think the answer is pretty clear.

Designer-on-tap services are invested in having a relationship with clients – a partnership. Because of the wide array of services they can offer and their business model, design services have to continuously keep the clients happy.

Successes and losses are both shared in partnerships. 

When you provide a clear brief and your design team does a good job, your clients are happy, everybody is happy. When the instructions are unclear and your team doesn’t do well, clients might get unhappy, and both take the hit.

We both have skin in the game.

How does a partnership with Deer Designer work?

We unburden you with your design needs, from website design, logo, branding, social media, and more. You provide us with a guide such as a Design Brief, and we do the rest. And on the next day or so, you get the designs back, ready to use.

You can request as many revisions as you need until you’re happy (or your clients). Like all partnerships, communication is key to knowing what needs to be improved so that next time, your designer will know your preferences.

Now, with more free time, you can spend it on closing more deals, connecting with potential clients, or bonding with your family.

family first illustration
Family first

How Deer Designer streamlines the design process for small and medium businesses

After you sign up, we will invite you for an onboarding call where you would get to know how to request a design task and show you our ins and outs. Once you are ready, you can begin requesting designs.

Once your design request arrives, your Account Manager confirms the receipt and discusses the task with your designer. 

If there are questions or anything unclear, they’ll get back to you. Most times the team won’t get started until every instruction is clear, to avoid time wasted on both sides.

After the designer is done, your Quality Analyst reviews the designs before sending them back to you. They are the safety net, making sure that the designer has crossed the “T”s and dotted the “I”s. This way, there are fewer revisions.

Your account manager then sends the designs back to you.

If you’re happy with them, they’re ready to be used. If you have changes or revisions, just give some actionable feedback so your deer designer can learn your preferences and revise the designs for you.

Rinse and repeat.

deer designer design process
Deer Designer’s streamlined design process

Why I went with Deer Designer for my design needs

Do you still think you can do everything on your own without a partner?

Let’s have a peek at your future by looking through some of our clients’ past.

Here in their testimonials, they mention how they were struggling with mediocre design work and tons of wasted time before signing up with a reliable design partner.

Testimonial - Nathan Freitas Photography
Testimonial from Nathan Freitas of Nathan Freitas Photography
Testimonial - Clear Brands Grow
Testimonial from Mike Hennan of Clear Brands Grow
Testimonial - Vegan Web Design
Testimonial from Dave Graham of Vegan Web Design

What to expect from a partnership with Deer Designer?

The secret ingredient to a lasting business partnership is to love each other, and to never go on holiday together, advises Praveen Vijh of Eat Natural.

That being said, you can expect less stress and more time when you partner with us. Also expect a lot of questions for us to get to know your brand(s) better so we can do our work well.

And yes, we promise not to go on a holiday while you are getting the break you deserve. 🏖

As the Watson to your Holmes, we are here to support your business with our professionally made designs.