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Logo ideas for rebranding: When should you revamp your logo?

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A logo is a mix of text and graphics that conveys the identity of your business that also creates a visual mark that reflects your goal. It’s an essential visual component of your brand’s identity.

Is a logo important? I will spell it out for you = Y-E-S 👍 When done right, a logo design can do a lot for your brand. It can:

  • Attract people
  • Create powerful first impressions
  • Serve as the cornerstone of your brand image
  • Recognize you from competitors
  • Encourage brand loyalty, and
  • Create anticipation for your target audience.

If you’re not a designer or perhaps too busy with other aspects of your business, it may be oblivious to you if you need need a logo redesign.

If you eventually do notice that something is amiss with your logo, any of these 10 things must have happened:

10 common reasons for logo design rebranding

According to Entrepreneur.com,

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Repositioning
  3. New CEO
  4. Outdated image
  5. Bad reputation
  6. Mergers, acquisitions, and demergers
  7. Changing markets
  8. Corporate identity development
  9. Too similar (to competitors)
  10. Development and acquisition of brands or products

Now you might be thinking your company is too small for any of those things to happen. The thing is, the logo rebrand might be the key to the big break your company is waiting for. Sounds exciting, right? 🚀

I know the next on your to-do list is to look for logo ideas but you need to consider more important things. Before anything, you and the decision-makers in your company have to review your objectives by discussing the following:

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Is your current logo design meaningful?

Your company’s logo should reflect and communicate your brand message. If it’s only “nice to look at,” then, of course, you should take rebranding into consideration. It should first be meaningful before it is beautiful.

Is your current logo out of date?

Chances are, design concepts have changed substantially since your logo was created, and you risk giving the impression that your business is far too outdated! Aside from design, the sizes must meet evolving technical requirements as well.

Has your business evolved?

It is logical for your company to evolve as it expands. Businesses frequently grow or modify their purpose by introducing a new range of products and services or partnering with another business.

If your company has undergone significant changes, consider upgrading your logo. It should represent these developments if you realize that your company’s culture or direction has changed since its foundation.

Do you have any new customers?

If you find yourself marketing to a new generation of people, such as millennial customers, it may be time to reconsider your existing logo.

A new company’s logo design may help your brand reach new market segments. If you play your cards correctly, your new logo will help you engage with a modern audience while maintaining your current client base.

Is there new competition?

It is usual for businesses in all sectors to face intense competition from startups who promise to be more innovative, contemporary, and technologically advanced.

Sticking to your old logo while most of your competitors are rebranding shows your customers that you’re just standing idly by. A new custom logo shows that you are modern, trendy, and worthy of consideration.

Logo ideas or design inspiration for rebranding

Now it’s time to look at logo design inspiration. I bet you got the idea for your logo from your competitors or from successful brands within the same industry. Be careful, though, because you might end up with a copycat logo.

Our clients’ requests start very plain but as the brand personality is applied, they take on a distinct feel and attract the right target audience.

Have a look at some of our best logo design samples.

Where and how to get logo ideas for small businesses?

Design-wise, you can communicate your brand personality by choosing the right colours, icons, and fonts. Of course, you need a professional logo maker to do this task for the following reasons:

  1. To avoid the problem of having similar designs to other brands
  2. To ensure a high-quality result because you are going to use this logo for quite a long time
  3. To get variations so you have options to choose well

One obvious choice is to hire a freelance logo designer. However, I do not recommend hiring a freelancer for logo recreation because:

  1. Freelancers impress you with their vast portfolios only for you to be disappointed later.
  2. You’ll be forced to keep them (even if they’re mediocre) because you invested a lot of time and resources already. Plus, you have a deadline.
  3. Recreating a logo is a job for a highly experienced designer. Freelancers with this kind of experience usually cost an arm and a leg, and come with a massive ego you’ll have to manage. 😬

Another option is to do it yourself using Canva or another logo design app. While it looks easy, if a non-designer can use it, many others are using it too. Don’t be surprised if you see a similar logo within the same industry.

Some people consider holding a logo design contest. This can backfire if there are only a few joiners and you’re are not assured of the level of skill of each participant. You might be rewarding sub-standard work because that’s your only choice.

What is the best option for logo rebranding?

I recommend signing up for an on-demand design company such as Deer Designer. We’ll get to know your company first before starting any design requests to ensure we are on the same page.

After that, we can create as many creative logo variations as you need so you can choose wisely and revise accordingly until you are 100% happy.

Finally, we can apply your new logo to all of your collaterals going forward with your new branding. And all of that for a low flat monthly fee.

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More logo design tips for rebranding

Make sure the change is significant.

It is only logical to make any change obvious and impactful. Remember that it doesn’t end with a new logo design: you have to ensure that people will recognize it and it will bring more value than the old logo.

What is your brand’s strength?

If your brand is relatively new but you have loyal clients who rave about your service, maybe it is a good idea to highlight the image that portrays the service you are offering.

On the other hand, if your name has more recall, a logotype or a wordmark may be more fitting.

The logo should be recognizable even in the smallest size

The internet has given rise to thumbnails and favicons. Ask your designer to have icon options for your logo. With the flexibility in size, you can put your logo discreetly and even creatively in your collaterals.

Rebrand your logo design wisely

Redesigning your logo is not a process to be undertaken lightly, nor should it be launched on an impulse. Instead, you should consider why a revamp or refresh is necessary in the first place.

Determine which of your design features are essential and which may be left out. As we all know, customers demand slick and contemporary graphics; therefore, seek a company logo suited for the digital environment.