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Passion fading? Here’s what entrepreneurs should do

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management
Have you seen a stressed entrepreneur? Maybe in the mirror?

A friend loved to make teddy bears from scratch. It was her hobby since she was 18 years old. She used to give one to each of her closest friends on their birthdays. If they have kids, she’d give them to the children instead.

Her creations were well-made and adorable. Many of us told her that she might make a lot of money if she turned that hobby into a business.

One day, she gave it a go and listed 3 pieces on the Internet. It was a hit! In a few weeks, she had to hurry and make more of them as orders were pouring in. Soon, her birthday gift-giving to us had to stop. She had a business to run after all.

She became too busy. After a few months, she confided in us that she was forcing herself to make more of the same design because to fulfill orders. She even had complaints from people who didn’t appreciate handmade stuff and a lot more.

She finally decided that the extra money she was earning was not worth her stress. Eventually, she quit and was happily making teddy bears again for her friends.

Ways to love your work or business when you’re not feeling it

  1. Refocus on your goals and the purpose behind your work. Remind yourself why you started your business in the first place and how it aligns with your values and passions.
  2. Take a break. Sometimes, burnout or feeling unmotivated can be a sign that you need a change of pace. Taking a short break can help you come back to your work with renewed energy and perspective.
  3. Learn something new. Taking on a new challenge or learning a new skill can reignite your interest and passion for your business.
  4. Connect with others. Talk to fellow founders, customers, or mentors and get their perspectives on your work and industry. They may have new ideas or insights that can inspire you and you’ll realize you’re not alone.
  5. Prioritize self-care. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Taking care of your well-being can help you focus.
  6. Find a way to make it fun. Try to find a way to make your work more enjoyable, whether it’s by incorporating games, competitions, or other fun elements into your workday.
  7. Reflect on your progress. Take a moment to appreciate what you’ve accomplished so far, and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.
  8. Consider a pivot. It may be time to consider a pivot or change in the business model or direction if their passion for the business is not coming back, and the business is not performing well.
  9. Seek professional help. Sometimes it is helpful to have a business coach, evaluate the business and provide guidance on how to move forward.
  10. Outsource help. Offload yourself on draining tasks, like designing, that pull you away from what you really want to do.

Find the sweet spot

You don’t have to let it go completely as my friend did. For instance, you can always set limits: maybe sell just 5 pieces per month; or in a web agency’s case, only onboard 5 clients per month.

When I was asked, my suggestion was the 10th tip above. She didn’t take it though because she wanted to do everything by hand which was the unique selling point of her teddy bears.

You need to reassess your ultimate goal for starting your business and create solutions from there. 

If you’re feeling unhappy amidst all the profits, you have to take action for your clients, your employees, and most especially for your well-being.

You can do it! 💪