figma,photoshop,PSD,file,convert,files into Figma,PSD to Figma,Convert PSD,2024,design,designer,sketch

The fastest ways to convert your Photoshop PSD files into Figma for Web Design in 2024

figma,photoshop,PSD,file,convert,files into Figma,PSD to Figma,Convert PSD,2024,design,designer,sketch
Converting PSD files to Figma can be a lot of work.

Have you ever received a request from a client to convert their web design from Photoshop files into Figma?

If you haven’t, you’re quite lucky.

How does it feel to stay sane?

For many people, converting files from Photoshop to Figma can be hard if they don’t know how.

Some designers still want to use Photoshop for all their work, which makes converting those files to Figma for web design take a lot of time and effort.

It would be great if we could simply open a Photoshop file in Figma. But sadly, there is just no way to do this directly.

Deer Designer understands the importance of efficiency in workflows.

Having to transfer designs through different design tools can affect productivity in a big way.

In this guide, I’ll show you different methods to speedily convert PSD to Figma so you can streamline your web design projects and save valuable time and effort.

Manually export your layers into SVG

figma,photoshop,PSD,file,convert,files into Figma,PSD to Figma,Convert PSD,2024,design,designer,sketch
As SVG files are compatible with Figma, you can export your layers into individual SVG files.

One of the most straightforward methods to convert PSD to Figma is through manual conversion into SVG files.

SVG files are vector images that can be infinitely scalable.

These are compatible with Figma.

Even though it takes more work at first, this gives you more control over the design.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Export individual elements and icon designs.

In Photoshop, export each layer, group, and icon as an SVG very carefully.

This is a relatively free and fast method if you already have a Photoshop subscription.

It can help speed up this process if you maintain a design system and organize your layers first.

Then you know which elements should be grouped together and where to find each item instead of scrambling through your layers panel.

Don’t forget that the editable assets like layer arrangements, folder groupings, styles, strokes, and colors will be gone once you do this.

Make sure to only export SVGs for design elements in the final styles and arrangements you need them.

2. Import your files into Figma.

In Figma, create a new file or open an existing one.

Drag and drop the exported SVG files into the canvas.

Arrange them according to the original layout.

3. Use Figma to refine and adjust the assets in your PSD file.

PSD and SVG files were not made for Figma.

This is why the manual process may result in minor discrepancies in the design assets.

You’ll need to refine the design in Figma.

Use Figma’s powerful editing tools to ensure consistency and precision.

You may need to fix the space between some elements.

You will also need to use the correct typography and match the colors to the original design.

Don’t forget to save the project in Figma format this time!

Convert PSD to Figma through Adobe XD

Have you used Adobe XD?

This Adobe app allows you to create prototypes with Photoshop designs and artboards.

Why is this relevant to this article?

You can export Adobe XD files into Figma files! Phew.

The plugins that connect Adobe apps make it easy to bring PSD files into Adobe XD and then take those files out as Figma files.

However, as you are converting from one file type to another, you are still likely to lose some components and links.

Use third-party converter apps

figma,photoshop,PSD,file,convert,files into Figma,PSD to Figma,Convert PSD,2024,design,designer,sketch
There are third-party apps that allow you to simply upload your PSD file for conversion.

Yes, we know the first way takes more time.

And the second way may not work if you don’t have Adobe XD.

Now, if you want an easier solution, there are other apps that can convert Photoshop files directly into Figma files.

Here are some apps that offer paid conversions:

1. Avocode for PSD to Sketch file conversions

Avocode converts your file in a bit more roundabout way.

It is essentially a PSD to Sketch converter, as Sketch files are compatible with Figma.

Your PSD files are converted to Sketch first, and then you can open the Sketch files directly in Figma.

As you’re converting to a different format, there will always be issues like your background colors being set to white and your white elements disappearing into the background.

2. Magicul for seamlessly converting PSD designs

In Magicul, you upload your PSD, and they essentially automate method one for you.

It turns the PSD into a Figma file, where you get to preserve the layers and assets.

Although you can import the layers, you can’t edit them as you did in Photoshop.

A common problem with Magicul is that you might not have access to the fonts you used to have on the PSD file.

Hire a designer to manually recreate the small design elements

figma,photoshop,PSD,file,convert,files into Figma,PSD to Figma,Convert PSD,2024,design,designer,sketch
For complex designs with many layers and tiny details, the files may not convert accurately.

This is the worst option, we know. But it is sometimes necessary to manually remake the designs.

For complex designs, sometimes none of the methods above work, and your PSD files still end up altered when you export them to SVG or convert them to Figma.

You will have to build the design from scratch—every gradient, every grouped component, and every shape.

Some people hire freelancers to do this task for them, as it takes a lot of time to manually do this.

Keep in mind that it might be difficult to find a qualified designer to do this, especially if you have a complex design file.

figma,photoshop,PSD,file,convert,files into Figma,PSD to Figma,Convert PSD,2024,design,designer,sketch
Our designers can handle all this work for you instead.

Luckily for you, we also do this at Deer Designer, so you can simply request this from our design team, and they’ll be the ones doing all the work for you.

Speed up your workflow with different ways to convert Photoshop designs.

Having to deal with Photoshop and Figma compatibility can seriously slow down your design workflow.

It’s a good thing that there are different conversions you can try to streamline your workflows and still collaborate seamlessly.

Whether you go for Adobe’s file conversions, use third-party apps, or hire a designer to do it, there are different advantages and disadvantages to each method.

These may suit different preferences and project requirements.

By keeping these conversion methods in mind, you can maintain your productivity and still deliver exceptional web designs effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • As PSD files are not compatible with Figma, you will have to convert them first. Luckily, there are different ways to speedily convert these files.
  • One method is to export each element or group of layers into SVG files, which you can add to Figma.
  • You can also open your PSD file in Adobe XD and export it as a Figma file from there.
  • There are third-party apps like Avocode and Magicul that you can use to convert your PSD files to Figma.
  • As all of these methods involve converting one file to another, they may not be accurate to your initial design, and you will have to fine-tune them before being able to use them.
  • You can also just outsource this conversion work to Deer Designer if your design is complex and needs to be rebuilt on Figma from scratch.