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The pros and cons of letting AI take the design reins

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Is it goodbye to the art of making designs as we know it?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a lot of stories, trends, and other content about artificial intelligence (AI). 

It’s pretty exciting to see how AI can make content creation and marketing faster and easier, and people are still finding and sharing new ways to use it.

As I type, I can’t help but think about how AI is constantly learning about itself and growing with every piece of information it’s given. 

Isn’t this how science fiction movies start? I’m sure you’ve seen those movies where robots become self-aware, and it’s the beginning of the end.

(Insert the theme from “The Terminator”)

People who use AI regularly tend to do so to fight procrastination. It’s a powerful tool, but like any other tool, it can cause more harm than good if not used properly.

As a business owner, I know that you are always looking for ways to make your life easier. One area where AI can be particularly helpful is in design work. 

Good design is crucial for attracting customers, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s where AI comes in.

Using AI for design work can save you time and money, but you may be wondering if it’s really worth it. Let’s explore the pros and cons of using AI designers to help you make an informed decision.



AI designers can create designs at a much faster rate than human designers. This is because they can work around the clock without the need for breaks or rest.


AI designers are often much more affordable than human designers. This is because they don’t require a salary, benefits, or even a physical workspace.


AI designers are programmed to follow specific rules and guidelines. This means that they can create designs that are consistent in style and quality.


Lack of creativity:

While AI designers can follow rules each and every time, they may lack the creativity and intuition of a human designer. They cannot come up with innovative and unique designs that truly set your brand apart.

Limited ability to understand the context:

AI designers are great at creating designs based on specific instructions, but they may struggle to understand the context behind the design. Even if you share the backstory or the objective of the design, it will be meaningless.

Limited customization:

While AI designers can create designs quickly and consistently, they may not be able to provide the level of customization that a human designer can. This means that if you have a specific vision in mind for your brand, they can’t do it.

web agency,web design,web design tips,web designer,website design
Artificial Intelligence has its own limits.

Is an AI designer for you?

Should you use an AI designer for your design work?

The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you need design work done with a snap of your finger and at an affordable price, and don’t require a lot of customization, an AI designer can be a great choice.

But, if you’re looking for truly unique and creative designs that will set your brand apart, you may want to consider working with a human designer — or better yet, your own design team.

It’s also important to note that AI designers can be used together with human designers. For example, you can use AI to create initial drafts and then work with a human designer to add the finishing touches and bring your vision to life.