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Website Tricks and Tweaks: Web design ideas for Halloween

Halloween Witch Design Sample

Halloween is coming! And you know how much people love it!

To get in on the spooky spirit, boost your website’s presence by making a few changes to your design. Sprucing up your web page layout is a beautiful way to get into the holiday mood.

Making the most of this super fun season may attract more website visitors. Trick or treat your company’s website design to make it Halloween-ready!

Here are some tricks or tweaks for your woo-bsite 👻

Spice up your lo-ghouls (logos)!

Your logo is your company’s trademark, and you don’t want to modify it too much to match the Halloween concept. But, you could always incorporate something minor to put a Halloween twist.

You can also add a slight effect that causes eerie-themed pop-ups when your cursor passes over the logo or specific hyperlinks on your website. It’s understated but attractive.

Use a spooky font

Changing your header style is a minor touch that may have a significant effect. Scary typography offers a sense of whimsy while browsing your website.

Minimal is always more. Modify the font proportionally. Do not make it appear awkward.

Halloween Website Design Sample
Image source: DesignWebKit

Set a creepy background

The colour black is part of Halloween’s natural palette, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. When you go overboard, it might come out as cringeworthy and unnecessarily exaggerated. You only need subtle shifts in your backdrop.

Make sure that whatever changes you make will not blindside your company’s vision.

Halloween Website Design Sample
Image source: WordSuccor

Steer into the skid with the 404 error

No one wants to experience 404 errors when visiting a website. It is a nightmare for your brand but just this Halloween season, you can turn the tables around. It can be an opportunity to show your customers your thoughtfulness.

If the visitor does arrive at a 404 error, give them the Halloween atmosphere by making it mysteriously fun. This will not harm your brand’s image and will even make visitors happier.

Halloween Website Design Sample
Image source: Google

Make social media icons cute and fuzzy

Halloween designs can be used for your social network icons. You can add some pumpkins as their backgrounds, broomsticks beside them, they can be placed on gravestones, or even wear witches’ hats.

Remember to make sure that your changes do not distort these logos too much so that users can still distinguish them as social media links.

Halloween Social Media Icons

Boo-st your online presence

Many entrepreneurs may not understand that they can take their company to the next level by playing smart. Don’t miss that chance!

Give your clients a reason to revisit your website and keep them interested. All you have to do is add some Halloween flavour to your it.

Cool, hey? Have a spooky, scary, spine-chilling, and delightful candy-filled Halloween!