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award winning web design samples

What’s in a name? That which we call a website

By any other name would get the same traffic.

Not anymore, Juliet.

With over 1.9 million websites on the internet, a website has to stand out to get more traffic. 

Without SEO or ads, one way to get organic traffic is through winning web design awards. This is a good marketing move not only for the brand but for the web agency as well.

Award giving bodies look into these criteria when choosing winners

(Source: Creativebloq)

  1. Structure and navigation
  2. Content
  3. Visual experience
  4. Interactive experience
  5. Overall experience

These unique websites featured below are the ones that came up with ways to use every creative and technological limitation in their favour to develop web interactions that many companies wish they have in their websites.

5 award-winning web designs to inspire you

If you’re looking into creating a new website or redesigning an old one, why not borrow some ideas from the best? Their designs are not just beautiful, but user-friendly as well.

ETQ | Best Website Design of 2015 as featured by Awwwards

ETQ is a luxury footwear brand in Europe’s major cities. With their unique take on footwear and distinctively designed shoes, they have carved out a niche in the market for themselves.

Their website blends luxury and quality with a minimalist style to provide clients with an excellent online shopping experience.

The site has flat colour backdrops, bold fonts, and high-definition visuals of the items for sale to keep the customer’s attention to the products.

award winning web design samples
Source: Awwwards

Zillow | Best Website Design of 2016 as featured by The Webby Awards

Selecting the ideal house is an exciting yet cumbersome process. You have to scour through different choices on various websites, compare prices, keep and save what you like to revisit later on. So much hassle, right?

Zillow made it easy with its user-friendly real estate website. The search section within the hero area allows new users to pick and explore listings without navigating to a separate page.

The website has a simple style, primary colours, and images that highlight usability, mobility, and smooth browsing. With complete details clearly provided, the user need not switch websites.

This website is a good example of correctly executing maps with grid structure while retaining excellent easy-on-the-eyes layouts.

award winning web design samples
Source: The Webby Awards

Simply Chocolate | Best Website Design of 2017 as featured by Awwwards

Simply Chocolate, a Danish chocolate manufacturer, made a website with separate pages to highlight each chocolate bar.

The way this site maintains consistent branding as you navigate from one page to another is superb. 

Every chocolate bar appears to spring out of the screen, tempting you to reach out and take it. You can even try to open the wrapper. Super fun!

With an exciting and immersive interface, Simply Chocolate invites users to discover and engage with the site more.

award winning web design samples
Source: Awwwards

Rainforest Guardians | Best Website Design of 2016 as featured by The Webby Awards

Rainforest Guardians quickly became one of the most engaging nonprofit websites of 2016.

The program aims to raise awareness about deforestation by leading the website visitor through a virtual journey. On the website, they can see the different communities, tribes, and waterways of the Amazon Rainforest.

Rainforest Guardians’ website provides an excellent experience for users with stunning pictures and content to encourage them to become advocates of the environment. 

Visitors’ interests are drawn to the seamless shifts, navigation mechanisms, and breathtaking 3D mountains.

award winning web design samples
Source: The Webby Awards | Best Website Design of 2018 as featured by Awwwards is a cryptocurrency trading tool that uses artificial intelligence to anticipate currency market fluctuations and identify crucial buying and selling opportunities.

As someone who thought that cryptocurrency was what Superman used to buy pizza 😜, I found the website a real joy to navigate. 

It is simple and fun! I didn’t feel like a total fool and the navigation made it easy for me to learn more about cryptocurrency.

With’s hypnotizing design and clear call to action, this award-winning site ensures tech-savvy users feel ideally at home.

award winning web design samples
Source: Awwwards

Begin with the user in mind

Design-wise, use these ideas to help you create your website’s design, colour scheme, images, and motions. But remember, these websites won not just because they’re nice to look at.

It’s the user’s vote that matters because after all, a website is built for them. Check your personal preferences at the door when designing a website and do it well for the users.

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