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I just wanted to say how much I totally LOVE working with Deer Designer. Their work is just amazing! Our clients are obsessed with their designs.

I feel like I have a wishing tree I can just send a video with what I want and... tada! So much energy freed up now that I'm not doing design myself. I've already got two of their designers working with me. Love it!

Jennie Lakenan

Jennie Lakenan | United States

I used Design Pickle and hated it. We've switched to Deer Designer over a year ago. Their website samples are good but the work they do for us is insane!

We have 5 of deer designers in our team (looking at 6 now!). They help us with website mockups, logos, flyers, etc. They also designed the site for a $150 million/year company (client of ours) and they loved it!

Aaron Marquez

Amarquez | United States

We've used Design Pickle and Deer Designer and now we've moved completely to Deer Designer.

Our clients are so happy with all the designs! Their work is outstanding and they're very responsive. I absolutely LOVE it!

Sarah Kuglin

Redwood Valley Technical Solutions | United States

I've tried all the design services out there. Deer Designer takes the crown for many reasons. First of all, they have the best designer to client ratio.

They also do it all, literally! Other services stick only to requests that take less thought and effort. The quality of the designs is also a big step over their competitors (Design Pickle included).

Adam Preiser

WPCrafter | United States

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to create professional social media designs?

It is generally recommended to use around 10 to 12 slides for a 10-minute presentation. This allows for enough time to cover each slide in detail without rushing through the content. However, the number of slides can vary based on the complexity of the topic and the pace of the presenter. It’s important to prioritize quality over quantity when creating slides for a presentation.

The cost of creating professional social media designs can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the experience and skill of the designer, and the specific requirements of the client.

On average, the cost can range from $50 to $500 per design, with some designers charging hourly rates or offering package deals for multiple designs. It’s important to communicate with the designer to discuss your budget and needs to get an accurate cost estimate for the project.

But if you decide to go with an on-demand design service such as Deer Designer, we will have a full team to work with you on all your social media graphics for a flat fee of $699 monthly. You can choose to build some templates for your company, or simply request that our designers create each piece, it’s up to you. No more endless back-and-forth with a freelancer or surprise fees—just a simple, monthly subscription that gives you all the creative freedom you need.

The ideal size for social media graphics can vary depending on the platform. Below are some recommended sizes for popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: 1200 x 630 pixels
  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080 pixels (square), 1080 x 566 pixels (landscape), 1080 x 1350 pixels (portrait)
  • X (former Twitter): 1024 x 512 pixels
  • LinkedIn: 1200 x 627 pixels
  • Pinterest: 1000 x 1500 pixels

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines and it’s always best to refer to the specific platform’s recommendations for the most accurate sizing.

How long is a piece of string? Hard to say, right? You can request as many design tasks as you need (unlimited), but the number of designs you’ll get back depends on the complexity of each task and how fast you can give feedback on them. Different clients get different amounts of work done. Simple requests can take a few hours, whereas more complex ones can take many days to be fully completed.

No matter how many requests you need, as long as there’s a design task on your queue, your designer will be working on them every day. You will also receive daily updates, even if the request is still in progress. We guarantee complete transparency and honesty in all our communication.

We do work with Canva, yes!

In regards to other apps, since there are many tools out there (VistaCreate, Offeo, Stencil, etc), the whole team would have to be trained on all of them in case your designer takes a day off, and that wouldn’t be realistic.

Right now we only work with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma) and Canva, as we have all our processes streamlined.


The time it takes to design one piece for social media can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the topic, the amount of content to be included, the level of customization needed, and the number of different platforms it will be shared on. Some people may be able to design social media art in a few hours, while others may take a full day or even multiple days to create something truly impactful. It’s also important to factor in time for practice and revisions to ensure that the presentation is as engaging and effective as possible.

With Deer Designer, depending on your plan, you can get the first draft (or revision) in up to 2 business days or faster. Turnaround times can vary based on the complexity of each request/revision and the brief’s clarity and level of detail. You can always ask your account manager for an estimated time.

Check our pricing page for more detailed information on all plans.

Social media graphics to elevate your brand

Are you tired of your social media presence looking like it was designed by a third-grader with a box of crayons? Well, fear no more, because it’s time to elevate your brand with some killer social media graphics. Let’s face it, in the digital age, visuals are everything. And if your brand doesn’t stand out in a sea of perfectly curated Instagram feeds and flawlessly designed Facebook ads, then you might as well kiss your online presence goodbye.

From eye-catching banners to beautiful images for your posts, the possibilities are endless. So if you’re ready to ditch the amateur hour look and finally give your brand the online makeover it deserves, then buckle up and get ready to take your social media game to the next level. Trust me, your brand will thank you.

What are social media graphics?

Social media graphics are like a perfectly curated outfit for your online presence. They’re the eye-catching images and designs that make your posts stand out in the never-ending scroll of selfies and cat videos. Think of them as stylish accessories that jazz up your basic content and turn it into something worth stopping to admire.

Whether it’s a witty meme, an informative infographic, or a stunning carousel of images, these graphics are the secret sauce that gets people to hit the “like” button and stick around for more.

They’re the visual storytellers that make your brand’s personality pop and keep your followers coming back for more. So, don’t skimp on the graphics – give them the attention they deserve and watch your social media game level up. After all, in the fast-paced world of social media, a little bit of visual pizzazz can go a long way.

What does a social media designer do?

A social media designer is responsible for creating visual content for various platforms. Usually, they are the creative geniuses behind all the brilliant social media graphics your audience will see while scrolling online.

Combining their design skills with an in-depth understanding of each platform’s specific requirements, they produce engaging and visually appealing content. These designers use their creativity to develop graphics, animations, gifs, and videos that align with the brand’s overall marketing strategy and resonate with the target audience.

Social designers are also proficient in using design software and often collaborate with marketing and content teams to ensure consistency in brand messaging and visual identity across all different platforms. All this while staying updated on the latest design trends and social media algorithms to optimize their content for maximum reach and engagement.

One important part of the job is to monitor the performance of their designs and make necessary adjustments based on data and insights. Overall, a social media designer plays a crucial role in enhancing a brand’s online presence and keeping their audience engaged with compelling visual content. Their work is essential in driving brand awareness, increasing followers, and ultimately, converting followers into customers.

5 tips for creating simple and effective graphics for social media marketing

To make good social media graphics, it is important to keep a few key principles in mind.

  1. First impressions: The graphics should always be visually appealing and eye-catching to grab the attention of the audience as they are scrolling through their feed. This can be achieved through the use of vibrant colors, high-quality images, and engaging design elements.
  2. Consistency: It is also important to ensure that the graphics are consistent with the overall branding of the business or organization, in terms of color schemes, fonts, and imagery. Always use high-quality images and graphics to lend a professional look to your posts and make sure to use colors that resonate with your brand and are visually appealing to your audience.
  3. Simple messages: Social media graphics should be easy to read and understand, with a clear and concise message that aligns with the goals of the social media post. Keep your designs clean and uncluttered to ensure that your message is the main focus. Also, remember to keep your text short and to the point, as social media users tend to have short attention spans.
  4. Personalization by platform: It is also important to consider the platform on which the graphics will be displayed, as different platforms have different specifications for optimal image sizes and dimensions. Besides having different optimal dimensions, the users have different behaviors on each platform, so it’s important to also consider this when creating your posts.
  5. Trends and guidelines: It is crucial to keep up with current design trends and best practices to create modern and relevant social media graphics. It’s important to be always alert to new trends and topics highly commented, on to see if you can create a post to also be a part of the discussion.

By following these 5 tips, you can create simple yet effective social media graphics that grab attention, effectively communicate your message, and ultimately contribute to the success of your social media marketing efforts. With the right approach, your social media graphics can become a powerful tool for engaging and connecting with your audience and driving your social media marketing success.

What makes a great free social media graphic design app?

There are a lot of different design apps available to choose from when designing your social media graphics.

Look for a social media graphic design app that offers a wide range of customizable templates and design elements to help you create eye-catching and professional-looking graphics. It should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and a seamless design process. The app should also provide access to a diverse library of high-quality images, icons, and fonts to incorporate into the designs.

The app should offer advanced editing tools and features such as layers, filters, and effects to enhance the visual appeal of the graphics. Integration with popular social media platforms and the ability to easily resize designs for different social media channels is also important to streamline your production process.

If possible, try to find an app that provides valuable resources such as tutorials, tips, and a supportive community to help users improve their design skills and stay updated with the latest trends.

Some examples of social media design apps are:

  1. Canva

  2. Adobe Spark

  3. PicMonkey

  4. Crello

  5. Desygner

  6. Snappa

  7. DesignBold

  8. Fotor

  9. Piktochart

  10. Venngage

But, if you feel like the work of designing your social media graphics is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. That’s why Deer Designer exists. Deer Designer is a professional graphic design service that can create eye-catching and engaging social media graphics for you.

Our team of talented designers will work closely with you to understand your brand and create custom graphics that perfectly represent your business. Whether you need posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, Deer Designer can help bring your social media presence to the next level. So sit back, relax, and let Deer Designer take the reins when it comes to creating stunning social media graphics for your business.

How to build my own social media templates?

Building your social media templates can be a fun and creative process.

First, decide which platform you want to create the templates for, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or another social media site. Next, consider the type of content you want to share, such as quotes, promotions, or product highlights.

Once you have a clear idea of the content you want to create, start designing your templates using a graphic design tool like Canva or Adobe Spark. Utilize colors, fonts, and imagery that align with your brand identity, and incorporate your logo for brand recognition.

Make sure to create a variety of templates to keep your social media content fresh and engaging. You can also take inspiration from other accounts and trends, but make sure to put your own unique spin on the templates to make them your own.

Once you have a collection of templates, save them as reusable files so you can easily update them with new content in the future. It’s also important to ensure that the templates are optimized for each social media platform’s specifications, such as image dimensions and file formats.

If you’d like, you can hire professional designers to create the templates for you. This will ensure that your social media profiles have a consistent and professional look, and will save you time and effort in creating the designs yourself. Social media designers can also provide valuable insights and recommendations for your social media strategy.

By taking the time to build your own social media templates, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing digital presence that resonates with your audience and helps to strengthen your brand identity.

Use professionally designed social graphics or create your own?

When it comes to using social media to promote a business or personal brand, the visual aspect is crucial. Social media graphics play a key role in grabbing attention and conveying a message effectively.

You can always try creating your social media graphics. This allows for complete control over the design process and can be more cost-effective. However, the downside of creating your own graphics is the time and effort required to learn the necessary skills and produce high-quality visuals.

That’s why many businesses and individuals choose to hire professional social media designers to create impactful designs for them. To do so, you have some options available.

You can hire a freelance designer to do some work for you. But this option is usually not very useful to work in scale with recurrent demands, such as social media content that needs to be posted with high volume and consistency.

Online marketplaces, such as Etsy, Upwork, or Fiverr, offer a wide range of designers who sell their work online. But, similar to working with freelancers, this option is not very scalable and would also give you some headaches to filter them down, get them to learn your preferred style, and make sure they don’t abandon you mid-project.

Lastly, but definitely not least, you can hire an on-demand design service, such as Deer Designer. We have full-time, vetted designers on staff who can create presentation designs for your business. You can provide your vision and ideas and work with them to bring your vision to life in as many pieces as you’d like.

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